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Euro 2004 TV Schedule [Pacific Times]


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Jun 29, 2001
Dirty Money
Bravo Kelly O'Bryan's for providing a venue that isn't owned by Hunky cnut-features Bill for the football (I've been away some time, old Bill's probably long since moved on to the big perogie in the sky).

A suggestion for the management though........ I hope the place is busier than it usually is for the football, especially the important match on the 13th of June. I check onto http://www.kellyobryans.com/surrey.shtml everyday and, it has to be said, either yours is not a popular restaurant and bar or your webcam's rubbish, there's never any bastard in the fcuking place apart from the gurning pillock behind the bar and that poor spawny lost get in the parking lot who seems to be lost every day of his life. Someone should really move him along.

He reminds me too much of myself.

Gwan England.


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