Three ducks are led into the courtroom and solemnly sworn in. The judge looks out over his court and says:"Duck #1, approach the bench!" The first duck waddles up and the judge looms out over him:"Alright, what's your name??" The first duck replies:
" My name is 'Duck'." The judge asks: "What are you charged with?" Duck replies: " I was blowing bubbles in the pond!" The judge says: "Very well; go sit down and await sentencing. Duck #2, approach the bench!" The second duck waddles up. The judge looms out over him: " Alright,#2,what's your name?" Duck number 2 replies: " My name is 'Duck Duck'." The judge asks: "What are you charged with?" "Oh, I was also blowing bubbles in the pond!!" he replies. The judge orders him to sit and await sentencing with the first duck. The judge calls the last duck up to the bench: "O.K., duck #3, what's your name?? And don't tell me it's 'Duck Duck Duck'!!" The third duck sadly looks up at the judge and answers; "No, I'm Bubbles..."

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