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Bait Car Program...


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Feb 22, 2002
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Too funny! Now you can watch the idiots stealing cars!!!

Watch bait-car busts online

Andrea Woo
The Province
June 2, 2005

Thieves who target bait cars will now not only be on camera for police.

In a move that has modems flashing, the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team has created BaitCar.com, a website that hosts video footage of convicted car thieves and suspects being caught in the act.

A bait car is a police-owned vehicle that is rigged with audio and visual surveillance equipment and can be remotely stopped from running.

"The whole goal of the site is to reduce auto theft," said Cpl. Tim Shields of IMPACT.

"The way that the bait-car program works, the way that it's effective, is that criminals and car thieves need to know that bait cars are everywhere, and this is graphic proof."

Since its May 23 launch, hits to BaitCar.com have grown exponentially, with almost 29,000 hits yesterday.

"We're receiving e-mail from all over the world," said Shields. "Everyone has been extremely positive about it, and asking if they can get a bait-car program."

In one video featured on the site, a car thief yells for the police not to let the police dog chew him. Another shows a teen telling his friends to be quiet if his mom calls.

The site also has photos, prevention tips and a blog from Shields commenting on individual cases.

Shields said BaitCar.com costs nothing to produce. Site design, server space and domain name were donated.

Lower Mainland Bait Car Program

The site is experiencing quite a lot of hits right now...so it is a littlw slow!!!! :D


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Jun 28, 2001
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There's some funny shite in there :D

But since when do the police need a blog?

Monday May 30th
Today started great as me and 5 of the boys hit the Timmy Ho's on Broadway for about an hour. Kicking the crap outta the scumbags on Granville at 3 in the morning is tiring! Saw Anne Drennan around noon. I think she's gained 50 more pounds since I last saw her yesterday... She's up to about 980 now.

Constable Sheilds.


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Jul 25, 2001
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Tried to watch the videos but got apparently they aren't using high speed internet yet:

Due to the popularity of BaitCar.com videos, the site is currently experiencing a high demand but will return shortly. We thank you for your patience

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