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Anyone going to Penticten this weekend?


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Feb 22, 2002
Dirty Money
Penticton, B.C., nightclub offers $3,000 for breast implants in Sat. contest

VANCOUVER (CP) - Women in an Okanagan city will be vying for free breast implants this weekend in a nightclub contest that's drawn a gospel music protest.

Mildred Wakefield, of the Penticton Bible Holiness Movement, hopes to stage a protest concert bigger than the one she organized to decry the Girls Gone Wild tour that touched down at Penticton's Element nightclub in February. "We are just sending the message that the old ways of morality and faith in God are better than new ways that take young people away from the basics. There's so little to inspire them to better things"

The Element hopes the breast implant giveaway inspires some business.

"Any business in any community has the right, within the law, to do what has to be done for the survival of their business," said part owner of the Element and Penticton city Coun. John Vassilaki.

"We live in a democracy and that's how it is."

The Element's "Sextreme Makeover" contest was inspired by reality TV shows like The Swan where men and women win plastic surgery.

One worker at the Element, who didn't want to be named, said managers had considered giving away a full package, including cosmetic dentistry and nose jobs. But he said women of all ages filled out comment cards in the bar saying the thing they wanted most was breast implants.

The bar decided on a prize of $3,000 to be put toward implants by a doctor of the winner's choice.

Forty contestants will be picked from the nightclub floor on Saturday.

The women's names will be lit up on a spinning wheel and one will be eliminated per spin.

The winner will be announced before the bar closes Saturday night.

The contest has been in the works for a couple of months.

Christine Schwarz, executive director of the Penticton and Area Women's Centre, saw a poster for Sextreme Makeover on a phone poll from the window of her doctor's waiting room.

"It showed a woman lifting her shirt and exposing her naked breast."

While she's personally disgusted, she said women are free to make their own choices.

So she won't protest at the club but she is doing what she can to inform contestants about the health risks of breast implants.

"The way this contest presents breast implants is that this is a one-time surgery and all your concerns about the size and shape of your breasts will be taken care of," she said.

"But there are many side effects of breast implants. Forty per cent of women who get them have them removed because something goes wrong and that's something the women individually have to pay for. It's not covered."

Wakefield of the Bible Holiness movement isn't taking the doom-gloom approach. Her protest will be fun just like the one she organized for the Girls Gone Wild tour.

"The Salvation Army came down with four of their biggest instruments. Three euphoniums and a huge drum and we sang the old songs, the gospel songs. There was a big lineup of people so we had a captive audience for two hours.

"I just hope one young girl listened to us and thought to herself 'there's something better I could be doing with my time.' "

She was making calls Wednesday to set up a similar show for people waiting to get into the Sextreme Makeover competition, complete with coffee and cookies for the performers.
I am fairly sure that Tommy's in the Ridge had the same sort of thing a few years ago?

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