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Oct 1, 2007
Dirty Money
Good point robj. Ghouse does take good care of his guys and is a genuinely nice guy. Those who wouldn't appreciate what he does for them, wouldn't be worth shite in my opinion. Don't like anyone who doesn't recognize those who go above and beyond for others.

I had a great time. I was a victim of a couple of bad beats based on the drastic big blind hike that forced some hands, but that's life. Good stuff and will happily attend the next one.

What place did you finish??? I was the big fat guy with the Mohawk, Who were you?


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Sep 20, 2007
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"......Drinks and food were great I got very buzzzzzzzzzzzed on the vodka. Venny did a great job chipping people up and Carnihore took the award for being the biggest douche.hahahahahaha. Can we say shite loaded,Ryan? The drunkest guy made it to the final table good job buddy......."

west coast !! i thought we talked about this ???? hahahaha ;)


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Oct 7, 2001
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was just about to post about that Polska ;)

but you beat me to it...

:( Sad to see this story popping up again, but good news that they had one of these thugs in custody and he will testify against his former mates and some justice will be done for Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan (RIP), the innocent's that were killed in this gruesome war... :(
It's unbelievable that this young guy then 22 year old Chris Mohan was just heading out to play basketball and the gas fire place inspector (both innocents) were murdered 14 years ago and the Surrey Six stuff just doesn't end.

Lately it's clear that the police have simply no handle on the gang violence at all with shootings in daylight. Here in Coquitlam I was heading out for a workout. The irony for me is that since covid happened both my wife and I and multiple friends have been nailed for speeding showing where their priorities lie.

The early evening the 21 year old was killed at Town Centre basketball I was on my way jogging down the hill to Lafarge Lake with a friend. One week later I was meeting him at Lincoln Station only he was late so I had a chance to be there for a stabbing and a shot fired at Coquitlam Centre.

It's clear these guys know they're not likely to be caught.

The mother of Chris Mohan was speaking to CTV this past week:


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