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  1. Regs

    2014 Senior Nationals - Challenge and Jubilee Trophies

    Ontario is the host this year with games starting on October 8th. Challenge Trophy (Men) Group A Ontario (1) PEI Ontario (2) Group B BC (Croatia!) Nova Scotia New Brunswick Group C Manitoba Alberta Northwest Territories Group D Saskatchewan Quebec Newfoundland Medal Rounds for top 2 in...
  2. Regs

    Surrey United @ 2013 Nationals (men & women)

    Games start tomorrow in Halifax. Women play in the morning vs Alberta, men don't play until Thursday vs Manitoba.
  3. Regs

    SU Men & Ladies @ 2012 Nationals

    Can't remember if a thread has been started yet or not but this is super late! I believe the men are playing right now vs the hosts, Manitoba... Ladies play later this afternoon/early evening. Go SU Go!!!