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  1. cascadesoccer

    TTP Fantasy Leauge 2019/2020

    Here is the link for the website The league code is "vvtz7p". The app (Premier League-official app) is down right now for fantasy but does have updates, schedules and the fpl scout. You have 2 hours before that weeks first game to have your team in. If...
  2. cascadesoccer

    FVSL Masters 1 2018/2019

    Season kicks off this weekend. Looks like a new alignment. Any new signings or expectations for the upcoming season?
  3. cascadesoccer

    2018/2019 FVSL Rumours

    Whats the scoop on the upcoming year? Where will the former West Coast Prem guys go? Who will challenge for promotion in Div 1? Div 2 with A and B pools, is there a run away favourite or will it stay fairly tight as years last? Div 3 has some new names in it. Who will be the top squad, will...
  4. cascadesoccer

    Virtual Golf

    If anyone is interested in Virtual Golf, my buddy has just started his own company. He has a massive tent that can be set up in a backyard or he could even set it up in a garage or enclosed space. He’s got arcade games like driving challenges and candy crush and a ton of world famous courses...
  5. cascadesoccer

    Golf Tracks 2018

    Been a hot summer and got a few rounds in so far. Par 3 Cedar Ridge Mission, can’t go wrong on Monday Madness $20 before 5:30 for a burger and 18. Course was in nice condition. Can’t recall the score but it wasn’t horrible. Played Meadow Gardens for a work tournament, course was in fine...
  6. cascadesoccer

    Ray Emery dead at 35

    Ex NHL goaltender Ray Emery drowns in Lake Ontario. RIP
  7. cascadesoccer

    Bohemian rhapsody

    Best front man ever?
  8. cascadesoccer

    Avicii Dead at 28

    sad stuff today as edm DJ and producer passed away. Made some great tunes. RIP
  9. cascadesoccer

    Zlatan signs for LA Galaxy

    Sounds like it’s official, Galaxy sign Ibrahimovic, 2 years 3 million. Not even as a DP. Wonderful piece of business by LA. I can’t wait to see this legend on an mls pitch. I think he will do wonders for the league and be top 3 scoring.
  10. cascadesoccer

    Scottsdale AZ

    Heading to Scottsdale at the end of May for a buddies stag. Probably going to hit a round. There’s TPC and Troon North but they’re fairly pricy when adding rentals and. It sure all the guys would pay for that experience. Anyone golfed there at some nice courses at a reasonable price? Cheers
  11. cascadesoccer

    Romero kills Rockhold

    Aaaaaaaand he’s dead.
  12. cascadesoccer

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas ya bastards. All the best to you and your families. Cheers, Cascade.
  13. cascadesoccer

    Italy misses World Cup

    Since 1958 Italy has failed to qualify for the World Cup, commercial drive is silenced. This may be the quietest World Cup ever!
  14. cascadesoccer

    Gord Downie dead at 53

    Tragically Hip front man has passed away at the age of 53. RIP to one amazing front man. Privileged to have seen the legend. Been a shitty year for music.
  15. cascadesoccer

    Hawaii Travel

    Morning Gents, was thinking of taking the family to Hawaii next year, most likely Maui but not ruling out other islands. Have you been? I’d you so where did you stay, what island and what do you reccommend? Cheers.
  16. cascadesoccer

    Hugh Hefner dead at 91

    The legnend himself passed away today st the age of 91, the man put nsfw on the map. RIP sir.
  17. cascadesoccer

    Jon Jones, fails UFC 214 post fight test.

    After a stunning KO of DC, Jones has been flagged and has apparently failed his post fight drug test for anabolic steroids. This may be the final nail in the coffin, for arguably the greatest fighter to step into the octagon. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. He's certainly his own...
  18. cascadesoccer

    Div 3 Div 3 2017/2018

    Two large "A" and "B" Divisions. Should be a challenging year. Teams to be announced soon.
  19. cascadesoccer

    What's in the News

    Point Grey home listed for $63 million. This housing market is insane. Property taxes hitting up to 60k a year alone. A 1.2 million tear down in the heart of the city, has had property taxes up to 25k. We're pricing ourselves out of living in...
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    Meme's seem to be the wave of the future. Show us the funny.