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  1. italian_stallion21

    Div 3 [FVSL D3] Results and Banter '13/'14 Season

    Well it's a brand new season and I'm back from raising children, I'm sure everyone missed me. In a new division this year as I'm old and slow and can't really commit. So only one thing has changed I guess. I have no idea about any of the teams in D3, so I can't even comment on how we'll do this...
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    iPad Apps

    I know there's an iPhone topic, but I just got an iPad and was wondering if there's any iPad specific apps that are must haves? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bradner Cup Bradner Cup 2012

    I've just been informed that the cup is alive and running, but that teams have until tomorrow to decide if they want to enter or not. Anyone know if their team is entering?
  4. italian_stallion21

    Presidents Cup Presidents Cup 2012

    As mentioned by Cascadesoccer, the cup draw for everyone is today at 7 PM. Anyone plan on going? I know we normally have someone there but we have training tonight and I'm pretty sure everyone needs to be there with our results as of late. Any D3 or D4 teams going to surprise? Regs, can we...
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    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 15

    Another weekend to forget leads us to the last weekend before the Christmas break. I don't speak for all my fellow Nomads, but I can't wait for the break. We "should" have everyone back and fully fit come January, which will be nice to have options for a change. Here are the games this weekend...
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    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 14

    Hi everybody! As I want to forget about last weekend ASAP, here are the games for this weekend. There's nothing super intriging on the schedule, although there could be lots of movement in the standings after this weekend. For us, it looks like 4th is the highest we'd reasonably be able to get...
  7. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 13

    Who's your pick for MOTW? If it's anything other than Inter/YG's you're an idiot :) PAU Nomads vs. White Rock Utd. - Should be interesting, we'll have our full team back (I think), but could be without Housearrest. Coyotes FC vs. BC Utd. - Coyotes to good for BC, it would be nice if they...
  8. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 11

    Here are your choices for the MOTW: Peace Arch Nomads vs. Surrey FC Coyotes - A little revenge would be nice, hopefully playing once in the last month won't hurt us. Langley Utd Dynamo vs. White Rock - Dynamo can't drop anymore points if they want to stay near the top, WRU should give them a...
  9. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 10

    Here are your matchups for week 10: Surrey FC Coyotes vs. Langley Utd Dynamo - Dynamo seem pissed about their loss, I think they come out and beat the Coyotes. White Rock Utd vs. NFS Inter - Inter goes to 10-0-0. BC United vs. NFS Knights - BC still doesn't seem to have it together so I...
  10. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 9

    Here are my picks for week 9: Stolo United A vs. Langley Utd Young Guns - Doubt this game gets played if ours was cancelled. BC United A vs. Guildford FC Marga - BC Utd gets a helping hand from Marga in the relegation battle. White Rock Utd A vs. NFS Knights - Knights keep on rolling...
  11. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 8

    I want to get this out as soon as possible so we can forget this weekend. Couple interesting matches this weekend. NFS Knights vs. Surrey Coyotes - I think the Knights take this, I don't think Coyotes can handle their style of play. LUFC Young Guns vs. BC United - Young Guns, should be...
  12. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 7

    Just because I adore TBL, here are the week 7 matchups and my picks: BC United A vs Stolo United A - Mostly because BC Utd have said they won't have players. Peace Arch Nomads vs NFS Inter - We're short guys, everyone is injured, not playing well. Inter probably doesn't even need to show up...
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    Sons of Anarchy

    With Entourage ending and none of my favourite HBO/Showtime shows on right now (Game of Thrones, Californication etc) I stumbled across Sons of Anarchy as it's starting its 4th season. Anybody else watch this show? It's freaking awesome. I had a holiday and somehow managed to watch the first 2...
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    Div 2 [FVSL D2] 2012 Season - First Half

    So, season starts tomorrow, here are the games with my predictions: Langley Utd Dynamo Vs Surrey FC Coyotes - Because Langley's at home. NFS Inter Vs White Rock Utd A - Inter will continue on their roll from last year. NFS Knights Vs BC United A - RatFest 2 will be the Knights again...
  15. italian_stallion21

    Golden Boot

    Was mulling around the FVSL site just now and it appears they are now going to have a Golden Boot for every division. Seems a little excessive doesn't it? Although I'm contemplating a return to D4 now as that would be sweet..... ;)
  16. italian_stallion21

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Pre-Season 2011/2012

    We're now a little over a month away from the start of the new look D2, anything of note going on right now? I know the Young Guns have alrady started training, anyone else? I for one can't wait to get back playing, D2 looks super competitive this year and will almost be like throwing darts at a...
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    Has anyone on here had a chance to mess around on Google+ yet? My first impressions are good, it's super easy to use and I like the "circle" idea they have. So much easier to post pics that only a specific group can see, allowing you to have people like your mom and grandma as friends.
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    NHL Offseason 2011

    Might as well have a thread for the rest of the NHL too, with a HUGE trade today. Philly sends Jeff Carter to the BJ's for a 1st, 3rd and Jacob Voracek. Speculation that they are also trading Mike Richards to the Kings for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds. With rumblings that Bryzgalov...
  19. italian_stallion21

    Canucks 2011 Offseason

    Since this is where the SCF thread is headed now, figured I'd direct everything here.
  20. italian_stallion21

    Sick WHC Goal - Finland/Russia

    Mikael Granlund with a sick goal today, how will this creativity and skill work out in Minnesota?