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    Awesome Stuff on Twitter

    Christian Laettner. Love that guy. Smooth as silk
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    Agreed!! The last 2 weekends were excellent. Did you see the Seoul team that got fined $130,00.00 for putting sex dolls in the stands as fans :wa:
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    2020 BC Provincial Cups

    Don't bother. Even if they decide we can attempt to play I highly doubt we will have all players eager to start up. Especially young family's and those that have been off of work.
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    TTP and COVID-19

    These philosophers will solve it!!
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    2020 Whitecaps

    That's some funny siht Regs!! Good edit my man. I'm in.
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    Youtube Finds Take II

    :D If it nips your sac, send it back:wa:
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2019/2020

    At least to the teams u18 that will not even be able to play the next year.
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    2020 BC Provincial Cups

    Maybe here in BC we could finally find a reason to play the same schedule at the east coast. Start fresh and replay the whole season.
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    TTP and COVID-19

    Note to more hand shakes with Dude.
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    What a crock of shite. CCB can eat a huge bag o' dicks. Pak Cup deserves better. Bounce these f**kers from the league...
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    Div 1 FVSL Div 1 - 2019/20

    Only way I would want to see a team dropped is if a div 1 team being offered a spot can beat the team being put down. Have a promotion game. Hate seeing the same shite repeating itself. The teams at the bottom of prem now hopefully are learning and seeing where they need to improve to stay up...
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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    We don't have the population for this.
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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    Usually the tag says 'one size fits all'
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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    All about selfish clubs and coaches at this point. Players suffer and the game moving forward suffers.
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    RIP Kobe Bryant

    If Obama was still president it'd be a National Holiday....
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    Thats a pretty solid squad.
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    Allstars 2020 FVSL vs VISL Allstars

    I wonder how many marriages are now in limbo as a result??? :p:wa: