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  1. Caritas

    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2020

    Top 6 teams from 2A still in it and none of them matched up against each other yet.
  2. Caritas

    Div 2 FVSL Div 2 2019/20

    Dynamo=Longball FC A? Papa?
  3. Caritas

    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    What happened with the Gunners and VanU? 4 reds and 6 yellows?
  4. Caritas

    Div 2 FVSL Div 2 2019/20

    Aldergrove 1-1 Langley City Both goals came early. The first 15 was good but there wasn't much flow going, either way, the rest of the match. Langley has a great group of guys, a lot of class.