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    Indoor turf time available

    Prime indoor turf time available every second Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm at SportsTown in Richmond. Available from September until March. Please contact for more details.
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    Vancouver practice field available

    We have Killarney all weather on Tuesdays from 7:45pm to 9:00pm. Looking to share. Half of the fees are $150 and the permit is from September until March.
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    Looking to share a practice field

    Still looking for a field?? We have Killarney all weather on Tuesdays from 7:45pm to 9:00pm. Looking to share. Half of the fees are $150 and the permit is from September until March.
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    Squamish Soccerfest 2012

    There are 5 bars total in Squampton. Shady Tree, Ocean Port, Brew Pub, Cliffside, and the Chieftan... haven't heard of anyone of them having a soccer party yet though...
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    Div. 1 2011/12 - Predictions, Results and Banter

    Woot woot WCFC Impact to the finals vs. VWSC Sabres!!
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    New MWSL Prez

    Was just floating around the MWSL website and it looks as though Bob Cormack is no longer league president. Laurie Robertson is the new president. Anyone know anything else about this?
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    Field Shortages in the Lower Mainland

    For the past 2.5 years I have been turned away from the Vancouver Parks Board when requesting a practice field for the 3 teams in my club. If nothing is available, where in the hell are we supposed to practice? We are a Vancouver team that has had to commute to West Vancovuer to practice, it is...
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    MWSL - DIV 1 2008/2009 - Predictions, Banter, etc...

    Seems to be a lot of movement this year with teams moving up or folding. I think more so than in the year's past. For example, the top 2 or 3 teams in group play in certain divisions have been promoted... wonder what this is going to mean to quality of play in each level.
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    [2008 Olympics Women] Canada 1 - 1 China

    Yeah, I am not sure that it went over the line fully... plus is was the ref that made the call from somewhere near the 18?? It wasn't the linesmen on the side. :confused:
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    Soccer Seasons Postponed in Vancouver?

    Hey, what are Vancouver teams doing for practice fields? Has anybody come up with any solutions?
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    Soccer Seasons Postponed in Vancouver?

    Does anyone know if the upcomming fall/winter seasons for all leagues with games in Vancouver will be postponed due to the current labour issues?? I guess the leagues that need field permits to schedule games on Vancouver fields will not be able to get those permits (ie. MWSL, VMSL...). And if...
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    "When I Used to Play..." Craig Forrest

    I agree that is good to have a commentator be able to have an insider's insight. I was simply referring to the frequency of his comments. It is rare that you don't hear him say something about his career. I don't think that he is arrogant.
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    "When I Used to Play..." Craig Forrest

    URRRRRRRRGH!!! Does anyone else find it ultra annoying when they watch Craig Forrest on TV? Guaranteed he will say at least one time during his broadcast... "When I used to play for Canada (or in England)... BLAH BLAH BLAH". We get it. You used to play soccer. Your glory days are gone now...
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    Women's Gold Cup

    OMG Yes!!! Has the "Direct" style of play ever been highly effective... Every single ball it seemed by-passed the mid-field. We have decent strikers, but they can't win the ball everytime. It looked like kick and run out there.
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    Women's Gold Cup

    WOW!!! What a dissappointing way to lose the game yesterday. I didn't get to see all of the game, but tuned in part way through the second half. There were a few opportuntities for the Canadian girls, but it seemed as though USA carried the play... especially in the extra-time. It seemed as...
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    MWSL Schedule

    Just for clarifications sake there are two teams in Division 1 from North Van called the Strikers. One is affliated with the NSGSC. I believe it is that club that is being referred to.
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    [MWSL Division 1] Pre-Season Rumours and Banter

    5 more days to go!!! Can't wait for the games to start!
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    MWSL Schedule

    I agree one hundred percent... you need to tell people much further in advance so that they can plan accordingly. As for the "schedulers", there is only one. She does all of the schedules for the entire league. I know her personally and she is a very nice person. I know that the schedule has...
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    MWSL Schedule

    It is simple... I have registered my team already. Just waiting patiently (haha) for the season to begin now!! :p
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    MWSL Schedule

    Hey, does anyone know if the team contacts were sent a tentative schedule??? I seem to be out of the loop for some reason.