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    Indoor turf time available

    Prime indoor turf time available every second Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm at SportsTown in Richmond. Available from September until March. Please contact for more details.
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    Vancouver practice field available

    We have Killarney all weather on Tuesdays from 7:45pm to 9:00pm. Looking to share. Half of the fees are $150 and the permit is from September until March.
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    New MWSL Prez

    Was just floating around the MWSL website and it looks as though Bob Cormack is no longer league president. Laurie Robertson is the new president. Anyone know anything else about this?
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    Field Shortages in the Lower Mainland

    For the past 2.5 years I have been turned away from the Vancouver Parks Board when requesting a practice field for the 3 teams in my club. If nothing is available, where in the hell are we supposed to practice? We are a Vancouver team that has had to commute to West Vancovuer to practice, it is...
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    Soccer Seasons Postponed in Vancouver?

    Does anyone know if the upcomming fall/winter seasons for all leagues with games in Vancouver will be postponed due to the current labour issues?? I guess the leagues that need field permits to schedule games on Vancouver fields will not be able to get those permits (ie. MWSL, VMSL...). And if...
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    "When I Used to Play..." Craig Forrest

    URRRRRRRRGH!!! Does anyone else find it ultra annoying when they watch Craig Forrest on TV? Guaranteed he will say at least one time during his broadcast... "When I used to play for Canada (or in England)... BLAH BLAH BLAH". We get it. You used to play soccer. Your glory days are gone now...
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    Women's Gold Cup

    WOW!!! What a dissappointing way to lose the game yesterday. I didn't get to see all of the game, but tuned in part way through the second half. There were a few opportuntities for the Canadian girls, but it seemed as though USA carried the play... especially in the extra-time. It seemed as...
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    MWSL Schedule

    When is it coming out??? It is driving me nuts!!! Has anybody heard anything? And when will they let us register???????
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    U-21 Players Needed

    I have been given the opportunity to take a late entry spot in the U21 league because there is currently a bye in the B side. Therefore I need players! All positions. Must be between the ages of 17 - 21. Team will be based out of Vancouver. Please e-mail me at if you are...
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    Extra-curricular sports threatened this fall? BC School Sports!

    Has anyone heard if there will be job action at the start of the new school year? I have heard rumblings that if there is job action by teachers that the first form of action would be to again not be involved in coaching or after school activities. I am looking forward to coaching my first boy's...
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    Why is it so hard to find a coach?!?

    Wow is it hard to find a coach for our team! I have exhausted all of my contacts to no avail. I have posted on the MWSL website and have had no responses. And I have talked to former coaches to see if they have any ideas, but none have arisen. We are a Vancouver based Div. 1 team (summer)...