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    Div 1 [VMSL Div 1A] Results, Banter & Predictions September, October & November 07'

    Re: [VMSL Div 1A] Results, Banter & Predictions September 07' Predictions: Primo vs Sikh 2-2 tie Peg vs Wside 1-0 Peg Burnaby fury vs Romania 2-0 Fury Wickham vs Canadians 3-1 Wick Serbs vs Akal 3-0 Akal
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    Multicultural League

    does anyone know where to find the schedule or a forum on this league?
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    Div 2 [2006 Division 2 Cup] Predictions, Results & Banter

    Does anyone have word on the Primos?
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    North Shore Sportsman League

    Does anyone know where to get the schedule or see the stats for the NSSL?
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    Div 1 Div 1B Results

    :mad: OK, this is a huge disappointment, here I thought to myself "god it's been so long since I checked out whats going on inn the TTP banter?" and what do I find, 4 pages of complete CRAP!! What happened ?? You guys have lost all control, someone please clean this dung up and start talking...
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    Div 1 Week 18

    PGR FAIRIES max and tsshite keep hiding behind the rest of your nurses and maybe you'll get high off your drama. If your team had any respect for SOCCER you would play the last game with those 7 players but of course you won't cause money talks and YOU know it. The only record that you will...
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    Div 1 Week 18

    point being Regardless of who is getting screwed the point being is that you should not be allowed to forfeit a game at the end of the season, no matter what the reason is. This is just going to set a precident for future seasons. All games are important and all games effect where EVERYONE...
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    Div 1 Week 18

    money exchanging?? Mr Max(you stink) Blink, It sure smells a little fishy around here in Kits, I think the STINK is coming from Point Grey losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all who the fcuk gets married in March?? Second how is it that you are capable of playing in the first division...
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    Sports Med Issues

    Dude, Thanks I'll definitly try it but I've ran out of pharmaceuticals and I'm left with the herbal garden, it's not helping. Got no time for healing so I'll tape it up. I'm used to that. Here's another question, is there a web sight that teaches you how to tape injuries?
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    Sports Med Issues

    ankles The injury that happens at least once a year, I've just recently blown mine and of course everyone has there own remedies. I know mine but its always good to hear a couple more. So lets get it out in the open and share those secrets so we can all last through the cup without pain...