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    Suggestions for a new avatar.

    I have a great idea, CidKid made the suggestion for me. Since he is so pure and looks like a 12 year old boy (with a gut) how about something to do with a Wedding dress. What do you think CidKid?
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    Premier VMSL 2002/03 Premier League Results

    Should have stayed BJB, did I miss anything during the BBQ? Fcuk I should have stayed but my homework was waiting for me...............................fcuk how geeky!!! knvb, What the hell were you doing playing hockey? I thought Dutch people just speed skate and play soccer?
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    Premier VMSL 2002/03 Premier League Results

    CDK, I was just curious to final put a face to the name. By mental Croats are you refering to BJB? You know how crazy he can get:( Knvb, Some people were asking about you too, so don't feel left out. I think we figured out who you were by the end, well actually BJB pointed you out...
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    Premier VMSL 2002/03 Premier League Results

    Croatia 1 - Slurrey 1 Pretty good game, I thought both keepers made good saves to keep both teams in it. Cidkid- where were you today? I needed you to point out Guiness for me, a few people were wondering who he was too, and were waiting for your arrival.
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    Premier VMSL Premiership Weekly Predictions - Week 4

    CROATIA (with a Cidkid prediction of 19-1 for Croatia. Surrey might win however, due to another protest, for which reason we will find out on Sunday) INTER WEST VAN LEGION Khalsa AC Milan Peg Argentina
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    Womens U-19 World Cup

    OK OK OK, yes the Canadian team is butt ugly. But a bigger disappointment must be the Brazilian chicks. I thought all Brazilian chicks were hot. Well, isn't that what we're led to believe when we watch the mens Brazilian team, all we see in the crowds (through tv) are Brazilian hotties.
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    Vacouver / Whistler 2010 Olympic Bid

    Some cost figures (lets go Van.2010) As you can see from above the games could/should generate up to $10 billion in economic activity. Also, 228,000 more jobs, which means maybe the people who spend the whole day protesting against the bid (who we support through welfare) can do...
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    Big VMSL changes for 2002/03?

    No more Croatia SC U-21 Team There will be no more Croatia SC U-21 team, due to the fact that we can't get out enough players out. Every one has a some dumb excuse:mad:
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    Croatian Summer Soccer League

    I'M BAAAACK!!! What the hell Cidkid, soon as I leave for vaction you start bashing me in this thread. Well actually I would start insulting myself too, I didn't do much besides play some pretty reasonable/alright defence. ;) :p Today my team won the Croatian Summer League (I didn't...
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    Final: Germany v. Brazil

    Mehmet The Brazilian goalies name is Marcos not Carlos, but no big deal, sounds close enough. Gaffa Yes, England did have some plumbers in the team like you mentioned. But lets not foget Germany did too. First, Ballack didn't play in the finals (blame the fcuking Paraguians for that)...
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    Do Not Look At This Thread If You Taped The Game!

    Both teams played some very entertaining football. Yes, even the Germans played with more style, they were a lot more exciting to watch then previous games.
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    Do Not Look At This Thread If You Taped The Game!

    Pigs are intelligent animals;)
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    Do Not Look At This Thread If You Taped The Game!

    Camera Work The camera work pissed me off because they didn't show any of the shoving between the two teams, but the commentator kept talking about it. FIFA probably didn't want that to be shown:mad:
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    Wanker's of the World Cup

    I just read that Perugia is now going to sign Ahn, and completely buy him from his club team in Korea for 1 million pounds. Possibly they will do this so they can sell him off for a higher price on the market as he is worth a lot now. I read this at onefootball.com
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    Croatia goes home and Slav needs a new avatar

    Guinness that is a pathetic avatar.:rolleyes: I could have made a better one for myself, that would have been even more humiliating. But nice try anyways:) I think you should have let CDK make the avatar, he is really creative with things like that. Surprisingly. By the way Slav's team...
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    What's for Lunch?

    Once again today: -Ealrs, "Great food. Great People."
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    Do Not Look At This Thread If You Taped The Game!

    Ronaldhino Ronaldhino may be on the TTP All-Mug World Cup team, but the fcuking kid can play. He totally took the spotlight away from Owen (except for that one goal). Do people even remember who Owen is after last night? Ronaldhino reminded me of CDK when he was a healthy young buck. Actually...
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    Quarter Final Predictions

    Guinness, I see you have opened a door for me in having a say in my avatar:p Well lets see here: Germany over USA Brazil over England Senegal over Turkey Spain over South Korea. Those are the winners for the quarters. Ah, my avatar?
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    Croatia goes home and Slav needs a new avatar

    Regs who's related to who? I hope I'm not related to Ghosty in anyway:confused:
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    Croatia goes home and Slav needs a new avatar

    Good idea AWSOME idea Ghosty:D Do I know you from some where?