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    Team Canada - 2006 Olympics

    The organizers of the sqaud are racist. Not one mexican born Canadian on the squad.
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    Div 3 [FVSL Div 3 & 4] Results and Banter - Feb '06

    I guess you should get used to posting in this forum.
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    [FVSL] Knights League Cup 2006

    In my opinion, it says you are horrible seeing as how you needed "shootouts" to beat a Div. 3 team.
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    Argyle’s Dead Wrestlers Society

    Hoy, mi corazón es pesado. Un amigo ha caído y con él, un pedazo de mi alma. Pozo nuevo de I Eddie. Compartimos mucho una cerveza. Quién la voluntad yo ríe con ahora. ¿Con quién gritaré? Hoy, me pierden. Adiós mi amigo. Le faltaré.
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div. 1] Results and Banter - November '05

    How in the world are the Rangers 6-1-1? I've seen a game or two and am soooo not impressed with them. They play ugly and have zero defensive presence in the centre mid. Yet they demand and get so much respect. I don't understand. Easily the prettiest team to watch in this league is Port...
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    Toughest Player in the FVSL

    The toughest esay I ever played against had to be Ricky Steamboat. Yes, we had some epic battles. Who can forget our Intercontinental Title fight at Wrestlemania 3. That was epic. Junk Yard Dog was another tough ombre. As was George "The Animal" Steel. He was so in love with...
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    New memeber

    What is all this Suck It stuff about? Back in my day when the WWE was the WWF, we didn't have this Degeneration X suck it stuff. Who is this Ken Hodgy guy? Sounds to me like he needs a figure four leg lock to shut his pie hole up. Man Ricky Steamboat and I used to have epic battles...
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    diego maradonna

    Look at the "vert" on the England keeper. You couldn't slide a freaking credit card under his boot.
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    Did the price of pizza dough just go up?

    Walls, Aren't you the one who done gone and had balls on your head? And the best you got is a hick drawl about a thread title? Weak.
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    Div 1 [FVSL Division 1] Results & Banter - February '05

    Sup esays?!? So the Knights win on the weekend and VAULT into third place, but none of them come on here and spew their usualy rhetoric? Sup wit dat?
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    Div 2 FVSL Div. 2: Results and Banter Feb. '05

    Hold up a sec esay's. First you rip eachother for weeks on end, and you now you are arranging a post game circle jerk for Saturday. Sup wit dat?
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    What to Buy Her...

    Lita, Podría hacerle tal amor maravilloso con un dispositivo tan erótico y atractivo. Espero que Santa lo traiga para usted y que usted y tengo un encuentro de la ocasión en una publicación local. Sería mi sueño. Feliz Navidad Lita. ~Tito
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    How long can you keep it up?

    Tía querida Jinky, Quién le lastimó? Tito
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    I AM CANADIAN! Well, half Canadian anyway.

    Personalmente bebo solamente las cervezas españolas. Son las mejores y deben solamente estar bebieron por spaniards con estilo. Usted los canadienses no tiene ningún estilo y por lo tanto, no debe beber la cerveza española. Mi favorito es Estrella Damm. Es fresco y smoothe, como Tito, y me...
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    Cer Vesa pour pa vour?

    Soy Tito Santana. Estoy aquí tomar el piss. No me cruce. Usted sabrá cuándo usted lo hace. :mad: de Arrrribbbaaa!!!