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    Nice work, Israel. :(

    i was just merely trying to get a feel about how you thought we all got here thats all....if you feel it is not something you wish to talk about, i respect your desision, as some say religion is someting which should not be talked about, I on the other hand love to talk about religion and what...
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    Nice work, Israel. :(

    how do you explain then, how "man " began to exist?...do you believe man was a evolution of apes like some, was he create from a supreme being or aliens brought us to this planet?
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    Div 1 [VMSL Div. 1] Predictions, Results & Banter - September 2006

    Re: [VMSL Div. 1] Predictions, Results & Banter - Septemberl 2006 better than working at saffron i guess;)
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    Nice work, Israel. :(

    the jews who are anti-zionist are the, what you would call the orthodox jews, who seem to be more in line of the practices and teachings of the torah or the "laws" given to the house of isreal. was it not Jesus who told the jews that they would lose what was given to them because of their curupt...
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    Nice work, Israel. :(

    you would be surprised there are many jews out there who say Isreal should not exist, can only exist if the messiah has come, i believe it is what is written in the Torah, since he has not come yet for them,Isreal should not exist.... just what i have, yet to research it but maybe someone out...
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    India, India

    why did they not play a evening game, am sure they could have easily got good old Kabbadi Park
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    Canucks 06/07 - Results and Banter

    Re: Canucks 06/07 what happen to chubarov? was he not suppose to be back for this year?
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    Premiership summer transfers

    robert pires signs with villareal, from what read in the province this morning...good to hear henry staying on board in north london...:)
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    Brown Soccer Banter

    rumour has it that GN is making a move to the VMSL Div 1 next year buying a spot from a team looking to get out, any truth to the rumours....????
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    more points deducted from AFC from the excellent site: 1 "A" # Team GP W T L GF GA PTS 1 Sikh Temple "A" 9 7 1 1 22 10 22 2 AFC Leopards 9 8 0 1 40 7 21 3 Wickham "A" 10 6 2 2 22 18 20 4 Cliff Avenue United 8 4 2 2 15 9 14 5 Serbian White Eagles 9 4 0...
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    Italian League 2003 Pre-tourney banter (PS. KNVB Is a lazy Cnut)

    free agent in that case anyone looking for a goalie?:D RATUlookingforasummerhomeinitaly
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    Italian League 2003 Pre-tourney banter (PS. KNVB Is a lazy Cnut)

    import rule!!! just curious on how many imports can a team carry?? cheers RATU
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    U21 U-21 results....

    congrats well done hardballz and kid 11 on your teams performance this year, good luck in the cup play coming up...Is it true the secret of your teams success this year has to do with the "MUMMOO" factor??:p RATU:D
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    Premier VMSL 2002/2003 Weekly Predictions Week 15

    picks inter khalsa BBY WEEDS sporting croats:rolleyes: surrey MF RATU
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    Premier VMSL 2002/2003 Weekly Predictions Week 14

    peg BBY surrey sport inter rino milan RATU
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2002/2003.

    congrats to dan the man for getting the nod for player of the month. hope the nucks can keep this ball rolling tonight ,smart in your face hockey isa what they have been playing and a little bit of solid goaltending doesn't hurt either.. to the guys at the Province "give your fcukin heads a...
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2002/2003.

    well done nucks to come back from being behind 2-1 and coming on top 5-3..props up to skudra who , for someone that hasn't played much this year to play strong and keep the teams streak alive.As for the sedins, seems they been peeking into the TTP files and seen that we all knew it would come...
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    Premier VMSL Premier 2002/2003 Weekly Prediction Week 13

    sporting khalsa peg inter westside west van BBY (WEEDS) RATU
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2002/2003.

    sedins maybe the sisters are not scoring this year but i'm happy to see them play better in the defence side of the game, not sure what there +/- is, most likely not great but everytime i watch them play D they grind hard on the boards and take their man out...taking care of your own end of the...
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2002/2003.

    i thought malik had a poor outing last game with 2 bad plays which lead to goals but in due time i hope he will fit in well next to jovo. he is a solid stay at home defender who tries to take care of his own end of the ice first which should never hurt your club, unless you put it past your own...