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    BC Provincial Cup Draw MEN 2009

    Again my question still stands. Regardless of what you think you saw if you where at the game do you believe blakes deserves any form of a card from what you saw. The reality is that if no card was given the game would have gone on with no one saying anything about it. As far as carnichores...
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    BC Provincial Cup Draw MEN 2009

    Ghouse, If you witnessed the game as thoroughly as you read my post I can see why you saw a head butt (“And your right. We never would have expected him to do that. But he did.. “) WTF? The real issue here is did Blakeway come anywhere near deserving a red card let alone a yellow...
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    BC Provincial Cup Draw MEN 2009

    I know I do not write in much but I really feel this needs to be dealt with. There was no head butt period. I was on the field. I think the worst sending off I have ever seen in this league in the 15 years I have played. I would go as far to say that a yellow card would be over the top...
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    Happy Birthday, Smiles

    Re: Happy Birthday, Smilies Nice
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    Imperial Cup 2005 Imperial Cup Semi Finals

    Re: Imperial Cup Semi Finals This is the funniest shti I have read all year. I am pissing myself. Cheers, Smiles :wa: :wa: :wa:
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter – February 05’

    When was the fine paid? Anybody?
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    One more thing, as far as the National Guard and Bush go you don’t log hours in fighter planes if you are trying to dodge a war. You get some desk Job. If he had all this power to stay out of wars don’t you think he would have went somewhere safe like Oxford and met with Bill?
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    Reccos, I will bite. I thought you might find this interesting that over 70% of the ballets from Iraq went for Bush. The poor soldiers as you call them support him by an overwhelming majority. According to your thoughts should'nt that number be the other way around?
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    Will we still be the Country of choice and still be America if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries that came to live in America because it is the Country of Choice???????? Think about it........ When will something be done about MY RIGHTS? I...
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    Aves, Must have been the Union comment. It gets the teachers all the time. Cheers, Smiles
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    I find the passion by the rest of the world to be very interesting about who we pick for president. If I was not an American I would want Kerry too. The bottom line is we want someone in office representing our values our beliefs and battling for our team. If I was from any other country I...
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    Election Night Bush vs Kerry....

    Loving it. Most of the people writing in just don’t get it. The democrats are all about big government and higher taxes. No one with any business sense votes for them. Unless you work in a union or work for the government or are a total loser looking for free hand outs (10 people watch one...
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    What is the greatest song to ever feature the Cowbell?

    Djones you got the Band right but the song is "Rock of Ages" Def leppard Cheers, Smiles
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    Premier VMSL Predictions Feb 28/29 - Make Up Games

    Peg Slurrey Indo Inter Westside Sporting Metro Ford
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    Premier VMSL Premier Predictions 2003/2004 Week 19

    Slurrey Weakside Inter Peg Columbus Firetown Indo
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    Premier VMSL Premier Predictions 2003/2004 Week 18

    MF Peg Burn Indo Westside Columbus Surrey