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    Whitecaps Offseason Moves

    Jay DeMerit tweets that Young-Pyo Lee will be back for the 2013 @MLS season.
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    2012 Olympics Soccer

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    Tickets to EPl games in England

    I believe you can simply buy them on-line. I'm trying to get tickets to West Ham v Arsenal in October - and it looks like they release tickets to the general public about a month in advance to buy online. At least that's what West Ham seems to do?
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    2014 WCQ Canada vs Cuba 20120609

    NICE! I'm in. I was expecting a lot of "kick far" by the guys in red in the last 30 mins - but they tried at times to string some passes together. Cuba is not very good but that's a big 3 pts. - obviously. I respect DeRo - now.
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    2012 Whitecaps Game Thread

    Ugly win - but I'll take it! Well Done. 1-nil Caps (DeMerit)
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    A New Low? Poor Tony..

    Perhaps a thread on fighting in hockey? I think its totally absurd. Its an embarrasment to our country. Can someone please explain to me what the point of it is again? Perhaps I just don't understand something.
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    Ajax and AZ Alkmaar match abandoned after goalkeeper kicks fan

    well done to the keeper - too bad he didn't connect to the idiots face with his boot.
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    NHL Mach 2.0

    Smythe - Norris - what were those other divisions? It used to be four divisions - not sure how this is much different other than that. do the two Western "conferences" play each other in the Cup semi's or is there some other cross over possible... like the Canucks playing the Leafs in a...
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    CSA Governance- here is hoping this isnt more smoke and mirrors...

    Who/What is "Canadian Soccer News"? Good luck... that's a lot of work - especially when the people you need to talk to probably won't cooperate.
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    2011 Grey Cup

    WOW - just wow!! Cane to the face from Mosca -- Pretty serious right by Joe Kapp. We will see that scrap for some time to come... apparently they were at a charity event. I'll take the Leo's in a close one 27-25. Go Lions.
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    Canada through to next round of WCQ 2014

    Cascade - the CSA's pre-requisite for a Canadian city to host a World Cup qualifier usually entails having the other nations supporters badly outnumbering Canadians (and for the Cdn fans to be stuck in a corner and treated second class by stadium staff). Any thoughts of a true home field...
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    Canada through to next round of WCQ 2014

    Now we are in a group with Honduras, Cuba and Panama - top two go to six-team final round of Concacaf qualifying. Seems quite possible. How many of those six go to WC? (three I think?)
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    BC Represntation on Canada U17 Boys team

    So my country can't score a single goal in two games against Panama and Saint Neverheardofit -- and now my province can`t place a single player on the next generation of Canadian internationals. That`s just brilliant. Oh - and they are under about six feet of snow in Alberta and Manitoba...
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    Romanian fan punches Steaua Bucharest player

    Why were the Steaua players sent off? They shite kicked the fan who ran on the field and sucker punched (and fractured their teamates face) - yes, I do know the reason but.... I'd like to think those fellas shouldn't be punished.
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    Nationals Peg & SU Ladies @ 2011 Nationals

    Saskatchewan Soccer Press Release HUSA Alumni win Saskatchewan’s first Challenge Trophy Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Regina, Saskatchewan – The Huskie United Soccer Academy (HUSA) Alumni soccer team from Saskatoon is bringing home the Senior Men’s National Championship Challenge Trophy...
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    Canucks 2011/12

    My Canuck brain is still in shock from last spring - I won't be watching for a while.
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    Nationals Peg & SU Ladies @ 2011 Nationals

    I found this in a press release this morning. One Ontario player scored 7 goals? U-14 Boys British Columbia 19, Northwest Territories 0 Goal Scorers: British Columbia: Matty McColl (3), Ryan Niezen (3), Jack Hill (2), Dania Zanatta (2), Ben Avila (2), Brian I’m (2), Hayden White (2)...
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    2011 Western Canadian Men's Masters/Women's Classics Tournament Discussion

    Well done West Van lads - so if the match ends in a tie today verse the Callies - what happens? I see AB would have a one goal advantage if it comes down to GD. Best of luck to both teams!
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    My life as an NHL enforcer

    Great read! I met Dave Manson a couple months ago and he can barely talk - only whisper. He says he has a crushed larynx picked up in a fight with the Canucks Sergio Momesso while he was an Oiler... and it's permanent. I had no idea. Seems like a decent guy.
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    2011 Western Canadian Men's Masters/Women's Classics Tournament Discussion

    You know Freddy - that was last year. If Alberta wants to bring up SCUPS - well - they win 6-nil... so I think that's an epic fail. I lived in Alberta for three years - it's a great place - and very underestimated by a lot of BC/Coastal arrogance. Anyways - I'm a BC boy - go Canucks - it's...