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    BCSPL - Metro League for U-13 player?

    Well said Burnsy, I could not agree with more in regards to high school soccer. The threats and scare tactics in regards to playing time and starting with their club teams make me sick. These players who may be coming to practices a little late are getting "game time" at a very decent level...
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    Imperial Cup [Imperial Cup] Predictions, Results & Banter 08'

    SU 1 Croatia 0.... Croatia carried most, if not all of the play in the first half, SU gets one against the flow of play just before the halftime whistle. Second half SU sat back for the most part. Croatia couldn't crack the SU defensive wall other than a sweet volley by Peschi that Sheps made...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter February 08'

    Heard Byrne Creek still has snow on it... guessing our game tonight against AFC will be a no go.
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    Happy Birthday Walks!

    Walks, Happy Birthday young fella from the Firemen lads... you still owe our beer kitty $20 by the way... cheers pearsy
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter Feb 07'

    Hopefully this is not the case and you guys are able to get back, but it will probably depend on your transFORmation.
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - September, 2006

    Croatia 2 AFC 1, saw last twenty minutes, after AK put croatia ahead with a pk, croatian keeper stopped one in the last couple of minutes.
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - September, 2006

    FF 1 Temple 1 Thought we were solid for the most part last night, had trouble finishing some opportunities. We dominated the first half and should have been up at least 2 - 0. We didn't come out with the same desire in the second and they scored on a header off a free kick. About 10 min...
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    Greek League 2006

    I think Fonda P has been the best player in the league this year and had has the biggest impact league wide, no doubt about it!
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    [Imperial Cup 2006] Results & Banter

    It was Gavin, and by the way I'm not bald, I just choose to shave my head:bronco:
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - Oct 05'

    MF 1 Firemen Tightly contested game with MF scoring halfway through the first half, we came out with a lot more energy in the second and took it to them but couldn't get the equilizer despite some quality chances. Yours truly missed a sitter with 15 minutes left which should have tied it...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - October 2004

    Junglee, i've been reading your comments and i've known Ian for a long time and played with him before. what he did was uncharacteristic of him.... that being said i have no question in my mind that there was intent to injure with that elbow... it wasn't an accident, he meant to do damage...
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    2003-04 Park Closures

    knvb, I think we may still be playing you guys, our game is memorial north east and as far as i know only the south fields have been closed
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2003/2004

    good move for canuck blueline Hope you fortune telling goes further than texas hold'em Zaurini. I'd take almost anything instead of Sopel, guy gives up the puck way too much, if it weren't for Ohlund picking up the slack he would have been history a long time ago. Seems like their keeping him...
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    Premier 2003/2004 VMSL Premier Results

    all over us? Regs, you did have the pressure on for the first few minutes of second half but we weren't too worried on the backline. Regardless, it was a great save by animal, but we should have buried you guys much earlier pearsy
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    Imperial Cup Imperial Cup 2003

    Notty knows nothing Notty, I would never toot my own horn. I don't wear #5 my friend. :cool:
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    Imperial Cup Imperial Cup 2003

    firemen win I guess it was only John that watched the whole game. I think the back three for firemen played a strong game. #5 especially played very well
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    Div 1 Div 1B Results

    No whine involved John and Willy, Both teams played a tough game last week. In my opinion it was an extremely difficult game to ref, and your ref did a decent job. So I hope he enjoyed the pint he deserved it. Don't try to read into that comment so much next time alright fellas...
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    Div 1 Div 1B Results

    coaches beef? John, sorry I'm not sure what you're referring too. If our coach was talking to the ref it was probably just to congratulate him on a job well done. Hope you guys bought him a pint after the game.
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    Div 1 Pre-Season Exhibition and Tournaments

    Dude, at least you got the score right. As far as a pk and a couple of sitters you're dreaming. Thanks for the game though