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    Premier [FVSL Premier] Rumours & Various Scuttlebutt 07'

    This will really weaken the FVSL Premier Division. As tough as a year GN had, with players missing, they are better than the Div One teams that'll be offered promotion to Prem... They'll easily win Division Two in the VMSL next year... As for P.Moody, I dont see any reason why they should...
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    2007 Knights Summer League

    We're (Sporting) are entered into the Sunday evening league this year... League is scheduled to start the weekend of April 20th.. .
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div 1] Results & Banter Jan 2007

    I cant believe you ****s are having a whine about cheap shots, and late tackles... You guys have had the cheap **** Mongo running around all year hacking anything in sight... It's not as if your team are a bunch of saints like TWU and Columbia, who apologize just about every time they land a...
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    Worst Ref in the FVSL??

    I've got to agree Tin Poh definately is the worst refs in the the league. Luckily we havent had him ref a game for us this year. At times he looks downright confused. A few seasons ago I filed a formal complaint with the league accusing him of "massive incompetence". Nothing came of it, as...
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    Premier just cause!

    What if the FVSL were to realign the divisional structure? I like the VMSL structure where each club has a "Competetive" team and a "Reserve" team... I know this is just the old "Cat" debate being revisited, but what if the Cat system was extended to include a CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3......? If...
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div 1] Results & Banter Jan 2007

    1 North Delta Lions vs Delta Metro Highlanders Saturday Mackie TURF 9.00PM 1 Abbotsford Mariners vs Langley Athletic Friday Upper Sumas Elemen. 8.00PM 1 Peace Arch Utd vs Aldergrove Warriors Saturday SSAP TURF 6.00PM 1 Chilliwack Rapids Bye 1 TWU Titans vs Port Moody Gunners Sunday TWU South...
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div 1] Results & banter - Nov & Dec 2006

    I just checked the Langley Field Update line..... All turf, grass, and gravel fields are closed for the weekend..... I guess there's no room for discretion???
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    Pakenham Cup Pak Cup Draw 2007

    Delta Metro Utd Premier Abbotsford Mariners D1 --- Could be a possible upset here, as Delta Metro are starting to come back down to earth from their quick start. Confidence must be high in the Abbotsford Camp as they are off to a flying start --- 2 North Delta Lions Premier Aldergrove...
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    Div 1 So far..

    Cant speak for all the teams as we havent played them yet. I thought Langley Athletics looked good, and am surprised to see them not doing better. Other than that, am surprised that PM are doing so well.
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div. 1] Banter and results. Oct. 2006

    Delta Metro Highlanders vs Surrey FC Rangers This one has Draw written all over it. Rangers in poor form, and Delta finally finding some offence after years of trying. Langley Athletic vs Dewdney FC Razorbacks Haven't seen much of Dewdney this year. Could their former Premier guys be...
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div. 1] Banter and results. Oct. 2006

    Sporting 1 - 0 LUFC Sporting scored in the first half when the LUFC GK spilled a cross. LUFC poured on the pressure late in the game but unable to equalize.
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div. 1] Banter and results. Oct. 2006

    Wont make any predictions for the Side a teams as I havent seen any of them play. Dewdney FC Razorbacks vs Delta Metro Highlanders Look for a low scoring game between these two teams. Whats up with Dewdney, definately a slow start to their season. Prediction: Tie Whalley Hurricane vs...
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div. 1] Banter and results. Sept. 2006

    Sporting 2 Poco Raiders 1
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    [FVSL] 2006/2007 Schedules

    Teams should be fined for not having their field allocations submitted in time... I'm sure that would make teams get organized in a hurry...
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    Div 1 FVSL Div.1 06/07 allignment

    I have a hard time believing that the division is tiered. It would defeat the purpose of having restructured the league. Also if it was tiered, it would make more sense to call the stronger group 1a and the weaker 1b, which the league hasnt done. My guess is that they were drawn out of a...
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    Premier [FVSL Premier] Preseason Exhibition Games 2006

    Delta Cat will struggle in Premier. Had some good young, quick players and were well coached so you never know, they may be able to gain a few upsets. Who will take Delta Cats spot in Division One???????????
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    Div 1 Div 1: Preseason Exhibition Games

    Sporting FC 3 : 1 Shaheen FC Div One VMSL Sporting FC v. Club Ireland Sunday, August 27th.
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    Div 1 Div 1: Preseason Exhibition Games

    The Raiders training twice in two weeks, that must be a record :)