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    BC Playesr on CSA U20 Team

    JAGS, you are absolutely right and I agree with you, that being said I still fully believe he is not qualified. He was and always be arrogant and I feel that will get the better of him. I haven't seen or spoke to him in several years but from what I've heard and read about him on this site it...
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    BC Playesr on CSA U20 Team

    My God, Mike Findlay??? He was a shitty player at the very best, now he's in charge of developing BC's best??? I'm shocked! I played with him for a short time on Columbus, he was useless and used to act as though he knew how to play...couldn't make a pass if his life depended on it!
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    Premier Best Brother Combo in the Premier League

    Frank and Elio Cha Cha...unbelievable talent
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    Domenic Mobilio

    I'm not quite sure even how to begin. I'm completely at a loss for words. I was one of the lucky ones who grew up playing with Dom and I have a lot of great memories of us during our Willingdon Cub years. As I read through these threads it is evident how Dom was respected and very well liked...
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    War in, on and over Iraq

    american and british bullies!!! It's been a long time since I've posted but here it goes. Why is it that Israel is left in between all these arab nations, kicking the crap out of the palestinians and they are not terrorists. In the 1980's, Ariel Sharon was considered a terrorist according to...
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    BC High School Boys

    winning goal!!! that's funny regs, our team missed our first two penalty shots. of course i scored mine!:D but if that's what he means by scoring the winning goal then let him feel special. it was probably a huge a huge accomplishment for him! studs... whatever!
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    BC High School Boys

    1986 we had a very good team (burnaby north was better) and peaked at the right time! they were lucky, doug mckinty got his ass kicked quite a few times in that game, i'd say they were lucky to even be in the finals. it was at bc place.
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    BC High School Boys

    too bad! in 1986 we(alpha) lost to n. delta in penalties. those lucky bastards!:confused:
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    Premier VMSL free agency period

    bored? too much talk about a guy that has never proven anything!
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    Premier VMSL free agency period

    sar who? jason has got loads of skill but tends to hold on to the ball too long too often. last year i watched him miss a lot of very easy chances and not pass the ball when he should have. he can play for whoever he likes, no big deal!!! he definately needs a haircut, looks like...
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    Euro 2004 Qualifiers

    over paid italians!!! i can believe they lost today but, i can't understand why? nothing taken away from wales but this just shows that the world cup loss was no fluke and the italians are not playing for their flag! a lot of primmadonna's worried more about their hair and the unfair calls...
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    Cleanliness: Godliness

    boring!!! this is a boring thread!! don't you have anything else to talk to talk about??? :D
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    Invasion of Iraq

    americans wednesday and thursday will be big day's in american history, George Bush is going to try to convince americans (which should be easy considering a huge percentage of them have no clue on what's going on!!!) and thursday he will present his case to NATO. most of the world is against...
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    Premier VMSL free agency period

    are you on drugs!!! What makes you think Croatia will get relegated??? Been smokin the crackpipe buddy??????:D
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    Croatian Summer Soccer League

    croatian summer league this tournament is pretty fun, the only negative thing is every monday morning i'm gonna be hung over:p !!! good game cdk, i saw flashes of brilliance! i think people forgot how skillful you are, it was a pleasure playing against you yesterday:D (my body is...
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    Group G

    KEEPER! i agree with you 100% :D anyone can beat anyone on ant given day it has been proven over the last 5 -6 years on many occasions:p
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    Group G

    hey biteme maldini is still one of the best defense even at his age and yes what if nesta was there but a huge soccer nation like italy have enough superstars to field 3 teams. i just can't believe there is any excuse for them not being a force. go down the list of their players, any one of...
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    Group G

    this world cup is disappointing!! i just gotta say that i was disappointed in the way the italians lost this morning!! let's all forget about the poor coaching decisions, (trapattoni is a winning coach) i just can't believe how much those italian players complain about everything!!! Vieri...
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    Group G

    hey mr. holiday Thanks for being soo tender, right now you could easily kick us all in the nuts cause we are all soo down but you choose to be classy.:D I respect you for this. I'll be cheering for the Azzurri from this day forward!!!
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    WC 2002 Group G bet gone sour

    I say he should just wear a Croatian jersey!!! (wear it proud) :D I still hope Croatia and Italy go through!!!!