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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - Nov & Dec 2006

    Re: [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - Nov 06' "And no I'm not the latin card lover!!!" We know Rene.....you're just a card.....
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter - September, 2006

    Temple-Indo Its a shame when a good evening of footy is tarnished by the selfish acts of some. This goes out to the rather pear-like lad in the lime sweatshirt who screamed insults at the Temple boys as he drove out of the parking lot in his cancer-ridden Ford Tempo. First and foremost...
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    Div 1 [VMSL Div. 1] Predictions, Results & Banter - February / March / April 2006

    Re: [VMSL Div. 1] Predictions, Results & Banter - February & March 2006 "We did it" In loving memory of our brothers: Harji Chief &Lally and with 25 solid years of grit and determination, Sikh Temple FC are premiereship bound. Thank you to all of our supporters. EL Jefe on behalf of...
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    Div 1 [VMSL Div. 1] Predictions, Results & Banter - Dec 2005

    El Jefe wishing all the boys form Sikh Temple FC and VMSL friends all the best over the holiday season from Bangkok, Thailand. El Jefe:wa:
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    War in, on and over Iraq

    Smiles: Your elementary rhetoric may work on naive Americans and so, if you could please do so, save it for them.
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    War in, on and over Iraq

    Dude: Once again the question that exists in all critical thinkers' minds is who is responsible for 911? Simply outline the evidence that holds an external group responsible. Since you nor anyone else has been able to do just that......the American government will always be suspected as...
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    War in, on and over Iraq

    Dude: You seem to be quite certain who is responsible for the 9-11 incident. The open question to you and the American regime is what definitive evidence is there that links Bin Laden or any other radical faction to the horrible crime. As a third person observer I can tell you that other...
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    War in, on and over Iraq

    Reccos: Save your energy......it is not worth your time to debate American foreign policy with individuals that rely on CNN as their primary form of education and enlightenment. Thought: Isn't it something that the leader of the most paramount, democratic, free and brave nation has to...
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    The Vancouver Canucks 2003/2004

    RE: Canucks It's down right shameful to have the crap kicked out of you ...gloves on or off.. game in and game out. It's time to pick up some toughness and I am talking ASAP. Every good team has an enforcer... otherwise its a season of gloves and sticks in your face and losses to the...
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Temple 8 vs. Serbia 0 Sigourney Weaver or whatever your name is.... "we were marking the other players and double marking them in hopes of them not getting the ball to him...." -CF you dumb fcuk!!
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    Sports Med Issues

    Keeper: First and foremost a proper diagnosis is necessary as in clinical practice, bursitis is generally overdiagnosed especially by health professionals who may not have a global orthopedic background. Based on your history and description, it is imperative to rule out a systemic cause...
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Oxymoron Dazza/No2: No thanks I'll leave the mutual gratification to your lot. As far as the game goes, 9th place out of 10 teams..... Good D Boys! :p ..they must always be missing some key players!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Dazza: RE: Temple You're right...dizzziness is probably not the correct descriptor for your defence....benign paroxysmal vertigo is! Oh yes you're right again...your defence was missing some key players because it never had any in the first place. How does it feel to be right 2...
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Larsson????? Larsson definitely is not hooked on phonics. FYI: Larsson...it's www.hookedonphonics.com Another public service message from El Jefe to super charge your child's reading and writing skills. :D
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Larsson???? Larsson: Maybe just drop the names so perhaps then we can piece together what your post really is intending to say ....and in English next time please!! whatthefcuklarsson:confused:
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    How many games should Weight get?

    Canucks: good team...yes But...it disturbs me how many times or should I say frequently throughout a game such as tonite they get a glove, stick, elbow, bare knuckle in the face and keep taking it!!! Show some pride boys or it's time to trade for Brasheer (sp?)...
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    Help- Missing Person!

    A tough loss for all of us that had the pleasure to share time with this kind and respectful young man. Our thoughts go out to Sanjay's family. Badyal Family
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    Should we close down "Punjab Radio"? - Poll

    Charity and God Will In the name of charity and good will, leave star gimp's brainchild open.... for the only reason that it makes otherwise 'dumb' people feel smart after reading his rubbish. ;)
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    CF? Apparently CF has mastered the art of putting his proverbial foot in his mouth (re: afc potassium rich fruit comment) and to compensate for the slip up....has subsequently mastered the art of putting the proverbial afc cokc in his mouth. easeupfella!
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    Div 1 Predictions and results from div.1a...

    Camaro??? Sandman....for a man of your infinite wisdom I would think even you could tell the difference between a Camaro and a Vega. HardOneslikeshispimpedoutVega!