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  1. coach

    TTP Pool 2021 TTP NFL Pickem Challenge

    Coach is back and ready to rumble. Thanks Regs. Cheers boys
  2. coach

    [FVSL Masters Premier Division] Predictions, Results, & Banter 2016/2017

    How bout them Rangers. Sorry had a flashback! Carry on then lads, carry on.
  3. coach

    2013 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw/Results/Scuttlebutt

    Reedie, Reedie, Reedie. Good luck pal to you and your S U crew. Good things happen to quality people my friend and knowone is surprised to see you back in another final. Go on now and finish the deal . All the best allways R R!
  4. coach

    Canada Vs Honduras Oct 16

    Well said as always Ballbaby. Pretty much covered off what alot of us were thinking as we watched the Train Crash! Take care pal.
  5. coach

    Canada Vs Honduras Oct 16

    Spot on Regs...The first three goals little # 5 was caught ball watching and it was "Way Too Easy". To see the backline follow the ball and leave so many players so open was dumbfounding! One step forward...Three steps back! Ouch.
  6. coach

    [FVSL MASTERS PREMIER] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    I see Po Co got the South Delta jinx off thier backs in a big way! 7-1 Seem to be rolling along quite well now.
  7. coach

    Nationals Peg & SU Ladies @ 2011 Nationals

    Personally Regs i like the New Format at first glance. How many times have we seen B C have one minor blip and not get through due to a bad ref or field on the day? Not making excuses or anything here. I just like the idea alot better rather than seeing one team from two groups moving on...
  8. coach

    2011 Western Canadian Men's Masters/Women's Classics Tournament Discussion

    Besty showed me photos last night ! That's still the same Cup and i did see a Nice Team name in the Top Left Corner pal! Enjoy Sir M! Well done pal!
  9. coach

    2011 Western Canadian Men's Masters/Women's Classics Tournament Discussion

    Congrats to the West Van players and Sir M. Long Overdue for this group but many more titles could come thier way! (In Masters that is) Very well done and again...Congrats!
  10. coach

    2011 Senior Boys High School Soccer

    Congrats Captain....Most importanly! Was there a TheRob sighting? Well done and getting the lads away early in the season is allways a Good Thing!
  11. coach

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Reedie...Bags are packed! Leitchy and I are making the trip. You couldn't ask for better BC Ambassadors buddy.....Let's Go Mazda!!!! See you at the Airport! Thanks for the invite pal....Top Shelf Baby!!
  12. coach

    [VMSL Masters Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Gotta say....Didn't see this coming! :rolleyes: Carry on boys....This is good stuff!
  13. coach

    [FVSL MASTERS] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Peace Arch Lads beat NDU 5-1 tonight!
  14. coach

    2011 Nations Cup

    Great Day Today...Had the Scotland over 38's boys out for a friendly and a bbq and piss up after. As usual the lads did not disapoint us and we had 17 players from the squad out today with another 8 missing for various reasons. R F amd myself are quite happy with the squad this year...8 New...
  15. coach

    U 17 World Cup

    Just watch Canada tie England 2-2 today in the opening game of the World Cup U 17. Canada's Goalie...Yes Goalie tied it in the 87th minute on a 70 yard ball up the pitch. It bounced over the England Keeper and never should have gone in. Well done for the youngsters...You can find the goal...
  16. coach

    Champions League 2010 / 2011

    Got a Phone Call form Leitchy and Joe Billy yesterday. There were both in the Private vip Adidas Booth at enjoying the game live at Wembley To say that they were having fun was an understatement. They got a Red Carpet walk up to thier booth where the booze and food was plentyful and flowing...
  17. coach

    2011 BC Provincial Cup Masters - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Well done West Van. Besty, Sir M, Notty, Ginger, and the rest of that Crazy Crew. Congrats on finally sealing the deal. Very happy for you and the boys Sir M. Enjoy!
  18. coach

    2011 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Congrats Reedie,Adam and the rest of the Boys! Very well done and couldn't happen to a better bunch of boys! Well said Gilly! All is good brother!
  19. coach

    2011 BC Provincial Cup Masters - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Thanks Sir M. Spoke to R F and it seems like alot of people think Kinsmen is actually the North Van Park. Hence the reply from R F that North Van was too far for him to travel. So thank you for clarifying this pal. This is your time...Make it happen!
  20. coach

    2011 BC Provincial Cup Masters - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Sir M...Is the game at Kinsman or Aldergrove? What time please. Good Luck pal!