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    2011 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Congrats to Indo/Temple/Peg. All are class individuals starting with the temple boys. Simm, Lavi, Paul, Carlos, etc...you guys worked together and stuck together with your club and it paid off. To Reedie, I have had the opportunity to play with you and also be coached by you. You are...
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    Potential Whitecaps Players in BC

    TA. I agree with you completely. To say people can hold their own against Harmse is ridiculous. Yes you can maybe tackle and get the ball off him once or twice but overall he is at a level all by himself. It is sad to see him playing with Poco (no disrepect) as he is clearly 5 steps ahead...
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    BC Provincial Cup Draw MEN 2010

    Congrats to Clanbus on a terrific run so far and to West Van for a great season. Even though they got knocked out, they were clearly above most of the teams and ppl could say what they want about 29 but he has clearly shown that he is a big time game stopper over the years. I really still...
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    Imperial Cup Imperial Cup 2010

    Dutchmen, after looking at the picture I realize that you have lost all credibility and are a bigger idiot that I thought.
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    Imperial Cup Imperial Cup 2010

    With all due respect dutchman, to say the reaction was funny is such a stupid comment. If a person is seriously injured as he is, I don't think it is funny how he reacts. Your post clearly shows your stupidity and lack of compassion. Simply put it was a bad tackle and now he faces the entire...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter February 2010

    I did not watch the game but to say the keeper is not up to "snuff" is ridiculous. He is still one of the top keepers in this league based on the games I have seen. His presence and experience is very valuable.
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter February 2010

    I think Azzi is not happy with the "big meeting" so trying to screw you. Thanks Jesse
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter November 2009

    Reedie I completely agree with you. The league has never been better. Not sure if it is b/c teams are trying to become top 4 to "think" about entering the new league or if bringing the teams down to 12 has made this a better league. I know there are a number of teams whose...
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    Kamloops 2009 August Long weekend Tournament

    After reading all of the posts on this very important tournament and in light of the recent comments, Inter FC has decided to formally submit a request to change the result of the West Van game NOT due to the deceptive PK that was taken, even though it was clearly wrong, but instead due to the...
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    Kamloops 2009 August Long weekend Tournament

    With all due respect..I don't think FIFA is going to quickly change the rules based on the Kamaloops tournament. Is it deceptive..yes. The only reason there is an issue is b/c it is a PK and it is not the norm to do such a thing. When someone has a free-kick on top of the box and runs...
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    Kamloops 2009 August Long weekend Tournament

    Great weekend. Honestly, winning the tournament is irrevelant in Kamaloops. It is about having fun and getting a kick around. The west van inter game was average with both teams very tired. I have seen that PK taken by a couple of different players now and think it is very clever. Accoridng...
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    2009 Nations Cup

    Great tournament put on by the executive. Clearly, this is the best tournament in BC. Geordie...with all due respect, team India's supporters are unbelivable. In the first game against China, we were playing on the turf so not sure where you want the supporters to watch the game. I would...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter December 08'/January 09

    It does not matter if it was WestVan, Clanbus, Inter, and whomever. The league will make their own decisions and deliver the punishment if any. I was at the first WestVan and ClanBus game and Rizal getting three games for throwing the ball was very harsh. I think Sir M would agree with that...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter December 08'/January 09

    Sir M. I think you are missing the point. I have heard numerous stories about the game and what happened amongst certain players. There was a discussion about headbutting and sucker punching. This is not coming from Gilly watching the game b/c I don't believe he went but from others either...
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    Premier VMSL Premier: Results and Banter, November 2008

    Zenga Regarding the "PK" call, on that tackle I got all ball and I think TK would agree. Regarding the game, we lost...irrespective of the offside goal, bottom line is Clanbus found a way to win the game and got the three points. On to next week.
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    Allstars 07/08 VMSL All-Stars

    Since when do the short-listed players get posted? Why not just post the final list?
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    KDS Tourny

    These tournaments have been going on for a number of years to support and grow Indian soccer. The committee have decided that they want to increase the competitiveness and increase the standard and therefore have allowed each team to bring in two non indians. This is not racial and is not...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter February 08'

    I have been reading this banter and, PFC, your post was probably one of the most honest posts I have read today and I agree with most of your comments. Looking back, the best solution would have been for Indo/Temple/Akal to merge as was the solution 2 years ago but ego's from certain...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Results & Banter February 08'

    Freestyler I agree with you that things could have been different although I think as teams heard more about this kid, they would pay closer attention to him and not give him as much space as he got. Eitherway, a very good player.