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  1. cside17

    Whats good on TV right now?

    Lioness on Paramount. Bit like Homeland Queen of the south on Netflix- I thought it was awesome.
  2. cside17

    2022/23 Concacaf Nations League

    Dude is letting his hair go........
  3. cside17

    Ted Lasso - AppleTV

    Awesome show.
  4. cside17

    Bob Birarda done as Womens Whitecaps/ CSA Womens U-20 Gaffer

  5. cside17

    Incase You Missed It!!!!!!

    But were his eyes open? Or just a swing and hit. Pretty cool though.
  6. cside17

    2022 Whitecaps

  7. cside17

    Bob Birarda done as Womens Whitecaps/ CSA Womens U-20 Gaffer

  8. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

  9. cside17

    Bob Birarda done as Womens Whitecaps/ CSA Womens U-20 Gaffer

    Pushed back to late November again.
  10. cside17

    BCPL Referee Shortage?

    Good point Dude, My 13yr old Godson just started reffing...... He's about a month into it, and is already sick of it. He say's the parents are brutal. Go figure.
  11. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

    Westjet has return for $140
  12. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

    When do tix go on sale? Anyone? Westjet has flights $71 one way right now.
  13. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

    Awesome, glad you enjoyed it........Dec 7th...cant wait.
  14. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

    Enjoy your family time, been awhile. My daughter is stuck in England for last 18 months.. But somehow managing to travel Europe...
  15. cside17

    2022 WC Qualifying

    Hell, our military doesn't even have a drone that can do that, never mind the CSA.
  16. cside17

    Champions League 2021 / 2022

    Funny.....but not funny.....:rolleyes:
  17. cside17

    2021 Whitecaps

    Anyone seen or heard from Sid lately. Seems to have dropped off the face of the earth....
  18. cside17

    Awesome or Lame?

    I have watched a few races. Cars are very fast and powerful. Approx 200-230kph. They change to a back up car when battery fades. Lots of F1 $$$ involved. https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/watch/video-highlights Long way to go to surpass F1 though. Decent race last weekend.
  19. cside17

    Your Honor (Crave)

    Started it, then got side tracked by Yellowstone for 3 seasons.