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    Women's provincial cup

    Surrey United vs Metro Ford. Surrey with the win 1-0 to cap off a perfect season ! 22 wins 0 losses This was a great game with both teams having big chances. Thanks to the Island for the use of Starlight Stadium but man, the ferry ride was a nightmare........
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    Women's provincial cup

    Semi's are set now for 2024 Provincial run. Gorge at home vs Coquitlam Metro Ford. Surrey United at home vs Coastal
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    Women's provincial cup

    2024 and Surrey United have put up big numbers again this year. 15 -0-0 49- GF 8-GA Off to the League Cup Finals on Sunday at Burnaby Lake against perennial rivals Coquitlam Metro Ford at 3:00 pm if anyone is interested. Beer garden on hand as well. 13 Games total all day Sunday.
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    Premier [VMSL] Premier 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    VMSL Refs to do a work stoppage on Jan 12th - 14th weekend
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    Nationals BB5 at Nationals 2023

    How about the Surrey United Women at Nationals again ! 15th time in the last 19 years..... And has never missed getting a medal ! BB5 Who ?
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    Canada Government Meddles in CSA Operations

    I would like to pose a question in regards to the CSA hosting Adult Club Nationals. What are they getting from this? All of the CSA programming is mostly geared toward youth and the opportunities that they have to go onto League 1 and CPL or higher education. They do not support the chance to...
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    Coach Profile: Thomo

    This man is a friend and he deserves every accolade !!
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    2023 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Not to mention the added cost to stay overnight because of the early start time for the Island team.
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    No one talking about Bontis ???

    So he steps down as President and on his way out says ' he was serving as a volunteer for the association ' ? How much did he make a year as President with perks and such ??
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    Vancouver FC Launched

    Where do they plan to locate the new stadium ?
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    BC Soccer Voting Structure Shiteshow

    Nothing, other than to reiterate that change needs to happen. No where has the CSA attempted to assist on helping mediate the change but keep telling BCSA to get it done otherwise sanctions are coming. Maybe a little help here from the CSA might work to solve the issue.
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    BC Soccer Voting Structure Shiteshow

    Another Update and rhetoric from BCSA. CSA says get it done by Nov.
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    BC Soccer Voting Structure Shiteshow

    Here you go Regs