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  1. gt5

    Div 2 FVSL D2 - Winter 2017/18

    @Connor J in your expert opinion would you say the Blue Devils were upset following this result?
  2. gt5

    Youtube Finds Take II

    Not sure if this was posted somewhere else. Messi turns up around 4:30 mark.
  3. gt5

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 13

    ??? I thought you were the back up
  4. gt5

    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 9

    Sunday night kick offs suck
  5. gt5

    Apple iOS5

    Did it give you the option to restore backed up data? I had my phone restored to its previous state but with that it doesn't replace your apps and I'll be re-downlaod those. My music and ringstons all came back.
  6. gt5

    Div 2 div2 MOTW week 6

    was it a large sun umbrella?
  7. gt5

    Premier [FVSL Premier] Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Yesterday in NFS and PAU a player was sent off with two yellows later in the game. The player was never shown a red by the ref only told to leave the pitch, after two incidents I can only asume came out due to frustration in less then few minutes. I've herd of players continuing on in games...
  8. gt5

    mario balloteli

    Man City star Balotelli left reeling by fishy prank - ESPN Soccernet
  9. gt5

    Whitecaps vs New England 20110406

    LAW 4 – THE PLAYERS’ EQUIPMENT Decisions of the International F.A. Board Decision 1 Players must not reveal undergarments showing slogans or advertising. The basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements. A player removing his jersey or shirt to reveal...
  10. gt5

    2011 BC Mens Provincial B Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Re: 2011 BC Provincial B Cup Of course..
  11. gt5

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Results & Banter 2010/2011

    I got this email awhile back... Reminder that the top 4 teams in Division 2 will remain in the NEW 10 team Division 2 to join with the bottom 6 from Division 1. · Division 2A - Winner · Division 2B - Winner · Division 2C – Winner · plus the best (highest...
  12. gt5

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Results & Banter 2010/2011

    and the second place team with the most points is staying up in div 2 as well.
  13. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    Aldergrove Players have gotten a new coach, not to sure how recent this was. This new coach was with Mission div 2 last year and took over Aldergrove prem at the mid point of the season. I imagine he will play them like he does the prem team, once they lose the ball all 11 in there own 30 yards...
  14. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    Im not complaining about the prediction, but they scored 3 on us last time we played them. I don't think theyll lose cause of a inability to score.
  15. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    Mission Friday night 7:30 change rooms but i wouldn't worry about that as in 5 years mission has only had one home cup game.
  16. gt5

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Results & Banter 2010/2011

    We play Coquitlam MF Titans Friday night. If we manage a win we will only need two points out of our final three games to secure a top two finish. Realistically a second place finish.
  17. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    Mission scored 7 on them. There low GA is all Inters lack of talent up front, or because Poco plays far more physically then anyone else in 2A and that is how you stop Inter from scoring. If there playing at the same park we played Poco at its not a massive grass pitch. Its a small sand box...
  18. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    I get to play in net if anything gets out of control, they might score.
  19. gt5

    Presidents Cup 2011 Presidents Cup

    Yes Inter only managed six goals, thought they would have had another game in the double digits. Think there falling apart towards the end? Neither team seemed to want to keep the ball. Kick and run back and forth. With that tho we put more pressure on them in the first half. They got a pk goal...
  20. gt5

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Results & Banter 2010/2011

    École des Pionniers de Maillardville, this is what I found. I hope your right as Ill be going here and not where MB10 sent me