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  1. Canucks4Ever

    2024 BC Mens Provincial B Cup - Predictions, Results & Banter

    Ya the straight to PKs change last season was ridiculous. Especially when the A-Final went straight to pens. Teams and leagues need to push BC Soccer to bring back extra time at least in the Open divisions.
  2. Canucks4Ever

    Premier [VMSL] Premier 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    The VMSL gets 2 seeds. One was guaranteed to be VUFC Hibs. The other Columbus or BB5. Now confirmed BB5. There's no difference to the seed "numbers". Both had an equal chance of being drawn into any of the 4 seeded positions in the Provincial Cup draw.
  3. Canucks4Ever

    Div 1 [VMSL] Div 1 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Are you planning to run?
  4. Canucks4Ever

    Canucks 2023 / 2024

    Ya I think the difference is the mentality. All of the Leafs core guys took as much as they could get. Which is totally fair play to them - they earned it. Petersson followed Hughes and took less than he could have demanded if he really wanted. The idea being that hopefully there is money...
  5. Canucks4Ever

    Div 3 [VMSL] Div 3 - 2023/2024

    Rain City are a group of ex-UBC and Premier players as well as their friends.
  6. Canucks4Ever

    CSB Bails Out League Uno BC

    So Unity now moving operations to Surrey United. Also I don't believe this was the announcement to which @dezza was alluding. Slowly but surely it appears the youth clubs are working their way into the L1BC set up. Will be interested to see if this helps the Pro-Am model and brings more money...
  7. Canucks4Ever

    End of OneSoccer?

    For what it's worth OneSoccer firing back at CSB: So looks like another complete tire fire. Phew - was starting to think CSA might have actually turned some type of corner. Clearly, it is business as usual!
  8. Canucks4Ever

    More Canada Hockey Problems.

    On this last point - this is where I do have some feelings (I think "sympathy" or "empathy" might be too strong a term but something of that ilk) for the players involved. If they did what they are alleged to have done, it was not ok and they should face the consequences of their actions fully...
  9. Canucks4Ever

    More Canada Hockey Problems.

    My point was I don't think there was anything to take to Crown in 2018. The complaint was withdrawn. Back then that was enough for police to tie it off. The complainant went public with her story - presumably from an altruistic basis and because she now felt supported and empowered. I...
  10. Canucks4Ever

    End of OneSoccer?

    Reports that CSB is yanking the rights to Canada Soccer broadcasts from OneSoccer. Could mean that TSN/others will be picking it up. Could mean back to the dark ages of Canada Soccer broadcast coverage. Presumably this has impacts for CanPL as that is CSB's baby. Given the business this...
  11. Canucks4Ever

    More Canada Hockey Problems.

    I mean what has changed is society's overall view towards this type of behavior. With this case, my understanding is that the complainant initially went to police and filed a complaint. Some investigative calls were made and, as a result, it appears the main player involved went back to the...
  12. Canucks4Ever

    More Canada Hockey Problems.

    Alex Formenton on leave from Swiss team to "return to Canada"... CBC Fifth Estate has previously done a couple of pieces on this and shared some of the text messages that have been previously disclosed publicly. Feels like this case will be appointment viewing in Canada. Interesting from a...
  13. Canucks4Ever

    Premier [FVSL] Premier 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Looks like it was reduced from RED X2 to just one RED and he was given the two games he has already missed.
  14. Canucks4Ever

    Canada vs Japan

    Welcome back to the dark ages... Team will point at CSA saying they have no funding and the off field stuff distracts them from performing to their full potential. The truth is, though, that we need a coach who can not only motivate this group and make them want to play for Canada, but also...
  15. Canucks4Ever

    Premier [FVSL] Premier 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Twatter has it as 3-2 for MFA.
  16. Canucks4Ever

    Premier [VMSL] Premier 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Presumably Columbus with credit for a win with Inter deducted a further three points per VMSL rules.
  17. Canucks4Ever

    Nationals BB5 at Nationals 2023

    Ontario wins Nationals over Nova Scotia #2 (looks like NS #1 played for bronze). BB5 5th. Hopefully that helps BCs grouping for next year. Not sure if there will be two BC entrants next season as I think Pegasus is hosting? Presumably it depends on other Provinces opting in/out? I see no...
  18. Canucks4Ever

    Div 1 [VMSL] Div 1 2023/2024 Predictions, Results & Banter

    This early in the season my guess would be a registration/ineligible player issue...
  19. Canucks4Ever

    Premiership 2023/2024

    Haaland continues to be a cheat code. Welcome back to the Prem Burnley...
  20. Canucks4Ever

    Div 1 [VMSL] Div 1 2022/2023 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Yes. Top 8 for promotion. Bottom 8 relegation. Carry points etc. forward from the first part of the season.