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  1. STD

    Smart phone

    Looking to get a new phone as my old phone the iphone 6 is constantly freezing and restarting, it's annoying when you are on Yoda's forum. My last few phones have been iphones and I am comfortable and mostly happy with them so I probably want to stay with apple but I don't feel like spending the...
  2. STD

    Options for streaming TV

    The woman was surprised that we are paying $170 plus dollars a month for TV and internet. I was surprised that if we are paying $170 dollars a month for the last four years how is it she is just finding out now. Anyway I promised I would check into options for streaming and was wondering what...
  3. STD

    Away travel for Seattle and Portland

    Uniglob are selling tickets for the away matches right now. If you are looking to get tickets you may want to get on it before the Southsiders get all the tickets. I just got two for the Portland game and I plan on telling them to sit down and shut up so I can watch the game in peace and quiet.
  4. STD

    Ocho Cinco or however you spell it.

    Rumor has it he is on trial in Kansas City. Would this be good for the MLS? He certainly brings exposure but does it damage the credibility of the league?