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    AMSL 2010 - Banter, Trade Rumours, Indiscretions

    Position of league scheduler/ "president" is now open. I'm officially retired.'ve got my vote.
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    Tiger's little secrets

    That's what happens when you go wookin pa nub in all the wrong places.
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    UFC in Vancouver

    Apparently Dana was doing "Yes" cartwheels when he heard Vancouver can now host MMA events.
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    Tiger's little secrets

    I still think he's the victim in all this. Now he's totally being shunned like he has leopardcy.
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    Tiger Woods in a car crash

    His driving has been erratic of late. Can't seem to avoid the hazards.
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    Feedback on Eric Hamber turf wanted

    I heard that the opening ceremony for the new field was hijacked by someone from West Van soccer who used the ceremony as his stage to voice his disgust at this decision. Apparently he rambled on for a few minutes reading from his prepared statement. I knew I should have gone to the opening...
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    Rick "the pitbull" Rypien

    Another great fight for Rypien tonight
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    Obama is the '09 Nobel Peace Prize winner. What!?

    I heard they might take the award back now. Apparently while the Americans were bombing the moon, a missile went astray and hit an Afghan wedding.
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    Obama is the '09 Nobel Peace Prize winner. What!?

    I think calling Kanye a jackass put him over the top.
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    TTP Bookie CFL BC @ Edmonton 20091009

    That was such a typical CFL game.:) Right down to the last second. I'm just glad they were able to come back and win. I like the NFL, but they need to have the clock stop on every play in the final 3 minutes like the CFL instead of simply taking a knee and running the clock down to zero...
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    Ufc 103

    Too bad for Franklin. No shortage of stoppages last night.
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    Liberals cut grant to BC School Sports

    I'm sure we'll all forget about these cuts in 4-5 years when we're distracted by all the new election promises. Here's the notice BCSS sent to all member schools: On Friday July 24, 2009 BCSS received notification that the entire provincial government operating grant for the organization...
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    Top TTP Stock Portfolio

    A year has passed for most of us in the TTP Stock Portfolio challenge: Stallion -33.2% JohnnyBN -27.8% Dial -3.3% Yoda +0.9% Rodzilla riding the wave of Ivanhoe mines (purchase price 3.69...current price 11.17) +28%
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    BC Place Reno **Update: Done Deal**

    Re: BC Place Reno Honestly...makes me wonder why we bother having a provincial government. I always thought BC had a lot to offer, yet the only way this government makes money is through raising taxes, implementing tolls, taking their share of lottery and casino profits, and cutting...
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    Hectors daily weigh in

    KH, a friend of mine also had back issues. These problems went away soon after her breast reduction surgery.
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    lil wayne august 17th 2009---cancelled

    Girth, you're so gangsta you gave me a boner.
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    Happy Happy Sensei

    He never posts--he just lurks here stealing all the TTPers' ideas about the Canucks and MMA. Especially the arguments of JBN and The Franchise!:D
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    UFC 101 Declaration in Philly

    Girth...everyone has some sort of conspiracy theory for everything. Personally, I think every sport has athletes who try to affect the outcome in one way or another for personal (gambling) gains. It would be naive to think that with the UFC's close ties to Vegas that EVERYTHING is on the up...
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    UFC 101 Declaration in Philly

    There was definitely no fix. If it was strictly stand-up, I'd take Silva over anyone in the UFC...Lesner included. The only time there would be a fix would be when Silva decides to go more than 3 rounds with anyone.
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    UFC 101 Declaration in Philly

    I was hoping for a better fate for Griffin, but when Silva wants to turn it up, he can knock out anybody...and quickly!