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    2021 Nations Cup - Cancelled

    Not so nice if you are driving a bit slower ... https://www.richmond-news.com/local-news/record-breaking-snow-geese-numbers-decimate-richmond-sports-fields-3629771
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    Golf Tracks 2019

    Rivershore is my favourite course in the province. It's older, but it's great example of a Robert Trent Jones Sr course and follows his design philosophy of letting the landscape shape the design of the course...
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    Fast FC ... who are these guys?

    Fat Ass Surrey Teachers Football Club seems like a solid team name ...
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    Gun control on a more serious level

    Not defending the numbers, but the stats are for mass shootings where 4 or more people not including the shooter are injured or killed.
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    [FVSL Masters Premier Division] Predictions, Results, & Banter 2016/2017

    A bunch of new players, and it looks like DM is a lot healthier this year
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    Favorite Ice Cream Spot

    There's always a lineup out the front door, but you can't go wrong with Rain or Shine on W 4th Ave in Kits. http://rainorshineicecream.com
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    penticton may long tournament 2009

    I had my back turned watching a women's game, but I heard the 'big brew-ha-ha' ended with one of the participants hospitalized after receiving an 'atomic' wedgy. I hope someone has more details so share ...
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    VMSL rumours and various scuttlebutt

    That would be the Chilean team from the Burnaby Men's league (used to be Colo Colo in the South American league). Coolhead
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    Richmond Senior Soccer League 2007-2008

    Harps 3 - Dragon 1 Harps are making a run for the league title but will need some help with the Dragons 5 points up and only one head to head match left. Coolhead
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    [VMSL Masters 2006] September/October Banter and Results

    There are changerooms and showers available at SFU but plan on arriving early so that you can find them. Coolhead
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    [VMSL Masters 2006] September/October Banter and Results

    Re: VMSL Masters Sept/Oct SFU Clan Alumni is trying to get some of our current Sunday morning home games at Burnaby Lake rescheduled for Friday nights up at SFU. We need to have the relocated games approved by the league, but if it is approved, 6 of our 8 home games will be Friday nights up at...
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    Most of the better players in Vanderhoof used to play for teams in the Prince George North Cariboo league in the summer, but a couple years ago, Vanderhoof put its own team in the league. When you get up there, Give Bill Russell ((250) 567-4375) a call. He should know what the summer soccer...
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    World Cup 06' - Outright

    I am heading over, but I only have tickets to one second round playoff game so far (should be Germany v England or Sweden). I will be there for the entire month and am trying to get tickets for more games, but without much hope :( Coolhead
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    VMSL Masters 2005/06 Season

    We checked with the ref after the game, and the red came at the 44 second mark of the game, the earliest red I have ever seen. The game ended up being the cleanest I have played in all year, the ref really set a tone with that call :) The game was very even, both teams with cross bars, and...
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    VMSL Masters 2005/06 Season

    When we played Lobbans two weeks ago, they used blue alternate jerseys (but the kit didn't show up until half time). Coolhead
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    VMSL Masters 2005/06 Season

    SFU Clan Alumni Royals 4 Lobbans 2 An important win for us as we only had a single point from our previous four games. We scored a goal early and then got a second against the play on a quick counter attack as Lobbans was pressing to tie the game. They we a little flat after that second...
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    VMSL Masters 2005/06 Season

    I will forward this message to management and make sure the cooler has extra stock for the trip to the north shore. Coolhead
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    Tour de France - 2005

    A couple friends just got back from France where they completed the Tour course (at a leisurely pace). On one of the mountain stages, they passed a rider travelling in the opposite direction on a mountain bike and wearing a backpack who they said looked exactly like Lance Armstrong. I wonder...
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    Div 1 [VMSL Div 1] Results & Banter - Feb 2005

    I can't defend the touque, but maybe I can explain it. Before he found a job in Vancouver, 'Gibsons Jay' spent most of the season commuting from the Sunshine Coast ... coolhead
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    Div 1 [VMSL Division 1] Results & Banter - Sept. 04'

    City FC Rangers 2 - PCOV 0 A perfect six point start to the season for City FC Rangers. A more convincing win this week with PCOV unable to create as many scoring chances as City despite maintaining an advantage in ball possession. In last week's game, Vancouver Olympics figured that you...