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  1. Bronco

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    Absolute. Class.
  2. Bronco

    Federal Election 2015

    I can't vote NDP. Harper's time has run its course, and Trudeau would be an unmitigated disaster. Really only leaves one choice.
  3. Bronco

    Awesome stuff that happens around the web

    Anyone remember this? :D
  4. Bronco

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    I'm in awe, that's the most graceful snapping I've ever seen in my life.
  5. Bronco

    Convoluted Canadian System ......

    The system is wrong without a doubt. How can we expect to develop the best players when we are asking them to pay upwards of $3000 per year for the privilege of playing at the top level? When there were no snake oil salesmen in this country making a living off of the game, Canada was...
  6. Bronco

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    Marginal foul at best. :D
  7. Bronco

    2015 Gold Cup

    They were in all 3 games. Sure, if by in it you mean humping the ball up the park indiscriminately time and again, while at times looking like key stone cops defending, then yes, they were in every game. Let's look at the opposition. El Salvador. A minnow in world football and an also ran...
  8. Bronco

    2015 Gold Cup

    Fantastic, he can take his flopping to the next level
  9. Bronco

    2015 Gold Cup

    Players are bigger, faster, stronger today. Having said that they are far less technically sound than 15-20 years ago. We are breeding athletes, not footballers.
  10. Bronco

    Bylaw officer calls cops to kick group off Surrey Field

    Better question is why are police services expensive? :p
  11. Bronco

    FIFA Womens World Cup

    O/U was 2.5 just sayin
  12. Bronco

    Gun control on a more serious level

    The best part is the whole Confederate flag furor now. Nice deflection NRA. :rolleyes:
  13. Bronco

    Dude & Mini Dude's 2015 Ride-2-Survive

    Top shelf Dude!! Well in both you and Michael. #fcukcancer
  14. Bronco

    Dude & Mini Dude's 2015 Ride-2-Survive

    What you and Michael do is truly inspirational. Was in LA all of last week on business, but I hope all went well this past Saturday. Looking forward to the recap post. Whenever I need a humbling lesson, I come to this thread. PS. Then I remember you played football in the valley, and I feel...
  15. Bronco

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2014/2015

    All of the points many have raised above are valid, but I think Reedie hit the nail on the head. There is no longer any player loyalty, or identification in terms of club. Back in the day :rolleyes: you knew what you got. Firemen were the Philadelphia Flyers of the 70's....hard as rocks, kick...
  16. Bronco

    Canada WWC 2015 Bid - Success!

    First, turf is poo, and should never be played on, but having said that does anyone REALLY care??? Outside of a small cohort that would attend women's matches, does this really matter? If I'm not mistaken wasn't Canada the only country to bid to host this thing?? All due respect to the women...
  17. Bronco

    BC Soccer is watching you

    Orwellian for sure... Not really surprising given the sorts that run the show at BC Soccer. I'm curious how many on here will abide??? I know the VMSL sent out a similar message to referees. Hi Willy!!!!
  18. Bronco

    2014 Vancouver Whitecaps

    As year 4 winds down, I think it's safe to say the Caps will be on the wrong side of the playoff line again. This "management" team is a farce. I cancelled my season tix after last year and am not regretting it one bit. Never mind the ridiculous decisions made by Robinson week after week. It's...