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    NBA player salaries

    Several teams just resigned key players to multi year salaries worth $40m or more per year. Imagine owning a business where you pay an emoyee $40m. Meanwhile Durant wants put of new jersey a year after signing a 4 year contract paying $49.5 m per year. New jersey will be lucky to be rid of his...
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    MLB 2022 Season

    New season underway after a delay caused by owners locking out the players. Bluejays undefeated. Came back from a 7-0 deficit to win 10-8 against Texas. Glad to see Texas lose after spending over half a billion on free agents. Bluejays only spent a quarter billion on free agents.
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    Raptors 2021-22

    Raptors are finishing the season in 5th place in the east, and will face and beat Philly in the first round. The second round may be too much. Future looks good with rookie Barnes already effective and getting better.
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    The Globe and Mail and CTV both had stories this weekend about people buying ebikes because of rising gas prices. These new bikers are probably not the kind of people who bike for exercise but most ebikes do require them to pedal a bit, so it's better for their health than driving a car or truck.
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    Global Warming

    The new report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its new report today. Media is reporting thae new IPCC report details how badlynclimate changebwill affect people and wildlife. Thats not really news to oil companies execs who new about global warming decades ago...
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    Thank you sportsnet for showing bayern and bundesliga. Some great players on bayern, red bull and dortmund and all three clubs keep bringing in good young players. Watched bayern demolish stutgart today with lots of good goals by gnabry and lewandoski. The latter showed world class speed today...
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    Rip peter lorimer

    Another great athlete passed away. Fortunately local fans got to watch him play for the Caps.
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    Rip Tide Assoc Red Card and Censor 14 yr old Girl

    http://globalnews.ca/news/2297729/fish-farm-at-centre-of-dispute-between-comox-teen-and-her-soccer-team/ The latest news is that Marine Harvest Rip Tide Soccer Association has red carded the 14 year old girl who has spoken out against fish farms on the BC coast. The family moved to Comox so the...
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    Africa United - Doing Good

    A note in today's New Westminster Newsleader newspaper states that Africa United received $45,000 in contributions, such as Uniforms, balls, etc to help AU run its kids soccer academy. The donations came from Canadian Tire's Jumpstart Charity and from Inaria Soccer which is owned by Performance...
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    Federal Election 2015

    Canadian Environmental Defence recently compared the Tories, Libs, NDP and Greens promises with regard to global warming. If you care about the future for your children then don't vote for the Tories because they will continue to support tar sands oil...
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    FIFA U20 Womens World Cup

    Better late than never. Canada lost 1-0 to Ghana in match played a couple days ago in Toronto. I hope our team rebounds from the loss and wins its next match and can advance to the next round. China, US and Germany are 3 countries in the U20 finals who also have very strong senior womens teams.
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    Mayors and Train Wrecks

    How much longer can Rob Ford hang on? Either the Tornoto Star newspaper have been set up or Mayor Ford and his brother councillor are going to crash. Two months ago the brothers looked like godsends. Older brother Dougie announced he was going to run for the Conservatives and younger brother...
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    PCSL 2013

    Khalsa are off to a 2-0 record with wins this weekend over Vic United and Vic Highlanders. Khalsa trailed twice today against the Highlanders but Diaz scored late for Khalsa to get a 3-2 win. The Highlanders team is very young.
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    Record of the Westminster Hwy Acaademy Business in Adult League Matches

    Several months ago, Elmsey posted an interesting analysis of how the BC teams did at the Nationals in October. His analysis showed that BC has dropped to fourth place, behind Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. Now that the 2012/13 winter season is more than half-way finished, its interesting to...
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    Who's In Charge

    Pray tell us KNVB, who's the new Prez of FVSL? Any video of his campaign speech? Will the new Prez be authoritarian like Idi Amin or run by his better half like Ronald Reagan?
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    2012 CSA Elections

    Victor was elected as President over Don Newman of Sask, and Charlie was elected to the CSA Board. The previous CSA President (Maestracci) withdrew at the last minute, probably after checking with everyone and learning he would get few votes and be embarassed. Victor had been endorsed and...
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    BC Youth Teams at National All-star Competitions

    The BC U16 boys and girls teams both came back with bronze medals from the recently completed Nutrilite National all-star championships in Hamilton and NFLD. The U16 Boys team was coached by Michael Findlay whereas the U16 girls team was coached by Markus Reinkenns. The U15 boys and girls...
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    U21 VMSL U21

    Will Metroford dominate again like last year? Have any VMSL U21 teams played any FVSL teams in friendlies. Who's better, VMSL or FVSL?
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    African Nations Tournament This Weekend

    Bobsan and friends are hosting the ever popular African Nations Cup this weekend, The venue has changed from Burnaby Lake to Newton. Nigeria is favoured to win this year. In previous years they have had large crowds, good food, music, and geat dancing. Sapp has been invited in this year due...
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    BC Playesr on CSA U20 Team

    The CSAannounced its seletions for an upcoming camp in Switzerland. Coach Fonseca picked 3 BC players, Haber, Bonafacio and Vukovic, who also played against Argentina U20 in May. Funny story about Vukovic. 4 years ago, when he was 15 years old he went overseas for a month to play for the...