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  1. swampdonkey

    2013/14 NHL General Banter

    I hate losing...especially when it's to Mason Raymond's team.
  2. swampdonkey

    It's a great day

    Is he taking Jeff Patterson with him?
  3. swampdonkey

    Canucks 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition

    I've held my tongue so Franchise and others who aren't accustomed to the playoffs could bask in the sun for a little while longer. Seems it's setting quickly and for Canucks fan it looks like the beginning of a long awaited polar winter. Blow this shite show up. It's agonizing to watch and if...
  4. swampdonkey

    2013 - the Asterisk Season

    Franchise did you catch the game last week?
  5. swampdonkey


    This Bohemian / NSR thread is worse than getting my foreskin stuck in my zipper!:torture:
  6. swampdonkey

    Whitecaps Offseason Moves

    Should make Base happy too...good young Canadian kid.
  7. swampdonkey

    Things that make you say WTF?

    I read today that child body armour sales are through the roof in some areas. How's that for a winter checklist...lunch, gloves, toque, body armor... so bent.
  8. swampdonkey

    Things that make you say WTF?

    To follow up on Freddy's point.... People also rarely lived beyond their 40's and the crippled and crazed were housed on Insane Asylums which you could pay to go and view the loonies if you'd like. It wasn't that far removed from a time when we were hunting witches....
  9. swampdonkey


    I'm one the "best" ones? :hug: Thanks solo. Merry Christmas boys.
  10. swampdonkey

    Whitecaps Offseason Moves

    Base, our D was fourth best in GA and third in clean sheets and that's with Harvey the dog humper and Bonjour the human corner flag getting a bunch of starts....I think with our natural four back there we're in good shape (YP, Captain America, Irish, & Elaine). I'm sure you've got some kid from...
  11. swampdonkey


    Red card Sid! you just turned this thread into a Leper Colony
  12. swampdonkey

    Playoffs Whitecaps vs Galaxy 20121101

    Thanks! I was feeling fancy
  13. swampdonkey

    Playoffs Whitecaps vs Galaxy 20121101

    This is our second season to be clear! The Hassli Chumiento love affair is exhausting, some of you guys defend them as though they took your virginity...Hassli's numbers in TFC since the move are insignificantly better than Millers, Hassli was a lazy striker who couldn't head a ball...
  14. swampdonkey

    Canada Vs Honduras Oct 16

    I've been out of the coaching loop for sometime now, I last coached in 2005 and both kids have moved on from youth soccer. Just prior to that there were changes to both field size and squad size. Moving to the escalating team size 3v3 to 4v4 etc... I wonder if this combined with changes in...
  15. swampdonkey

    In the wake of Amanda Todd's suicide (RIP), discussion on Social Media

    Akslop, you're bang on about cooking and sewing being backfilled with a social media / social ethics course. School counsellors should be a better utilized resource as well.
  16. swampdonkey

    In the wake of Amanda Todd's suicide (RIP), discussion on Social Media

    Dude, good thread! I have two daughters 16 and 18, both of which are on multiple social media sites, I insisted if they were to be on such sites they would need to friend me or follow me....I like you monitored and commented over the first few years in an attempt to influence and guide them. I...
  17. swampdonkey

    UBC and Caps Partner in a New Training Centre

    I agree Cside I don't see the upside to that location! UBC is in the middle of nowhere, it's like going to Aldergrove.
  18. swampdonkey

    2012 Whitecaps Game Thread

    Back on point! I won't be renewing my season tickets next year...the last 6 weeks have been terrible soccer to watch! Maybe a game pack and even that's a stretch.
  19. swampdonkey

    2012 Olympics Soccer

    Gutsy game! I blame Norway