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  1. utah

    BC Soccer Voting Structure Shiteshow

    Good info but Christ...How many keyboards do you go through in a year??/
  2. utah

    2022 Coppa Italia

    Only trophy he will touch this year.....
  3. utah

    2022 Team of the Week

    I gotta start voting....
  4. utah

    FIFA 2022 World Cup Draw

    I don't think we can read too much into yesterday's performance...
  5. utah

    International Soccer News

    I always thought it was weird how we cant touch the ball with our hands during play but we can use our hands for a throw-in. Definitely think teams would be able to keep more possession off of a kick-in.
  6. utah

    Albion FC

    How does he ride his bike that far??
  7. utah

    2022 Whitecaps

    Mid-field looked way better without RT in it. I even liked when the crypt keeper would push up into the middle.
  8. utah

    Things that make you say WTF?

    So they could restrict gun dildos?
  9. utah

    Altitude FC Join League Uno

    Paper, rock, scissors???
  10. utah

    2022 Whitecaps

    Did you just compare the Whitecaps to Liverpool???
  11. utah

    Champions League 2021 / 2022

    Good local lad!!
  12. utah

    Champions League 2021 / 2022

    What are you serving?? May have to pop by.
  13. utah

    Gain Muscle / Lose Weight Process

    So am I reading it right? You've lost 53 pounds?? Well done slim!!
  14. utah

    Things that make you say WTF?

    Seriously though...how far would any foreign Army make it into the States?? The number of guns and ammo in the public must be astronomical.
  15. utah

    Things that make you say WTF?

    Well if more people in Ukraine carried guns....