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    Looks as though Dazn has lost the rights to epl coverage starting next season. Having epl, European games, and NFL games for $20 a month was a great deal. Looks like it's going to cost far more now per month for people...
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    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2020

    The draw was emailed out last night. A couple of potential big games in the second round. TSS/Aldergrove vs Surrey Red Devils vs Abby United Dynamo vs Westcoast United
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    Div 2 FVSL Div 2 2019/20

    Lots of new teams in div 2 this year, and just going off what I know I would say 2A is much tougher than 2B. Thoughts? 2A Surrey U21(div 1) WC Knights Mission Poco Royals (div 1) Langley City FC (div3) Abby United Aldy WC United (div1/3) 2B Dynamo Surrey U Langley U21(?) WRU Vault (div 3) Red...
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    Presidents Cup 2019

    Bye vs Titans (2) WC Celtic vs LOS FC WC Black Knights (2) vs Highlanders WC Four vs Mission “A” (2) Red Devils (2) vs ND SJ TWU Titans vs Poco Rockets PMO Grizzlies vs Bye Ladner vs Chilliwack “B” (2) Surrey (2) vs Blue Devils (2) CCB westside vs Poco Unicorns Coastal United vs Westcoast...
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    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2018

    Since there wasn’t already a thread. Pomo Gunners 1-5 Mission Near perfect performance from us tonight. Also heard Red Devils with a 3-2 win over Langley impact, and Abby beat last years champs on pk’s.
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    Bradner Cup 2017

    Open draw
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    Pakenham Cup Pak Cup 2016

    Draw is up on the FVSL Holders Abby are away to bottom of div 1, and only one all Prem tie. Inter (1) vs Abby (p) Pmo Rangers (1) vs Chilliwack (p) Coastal (p) vs Langley (p) Westcoast (p) vs Langley B (1) Aldergrove (p) vs Abby B (1) ND (1) vs Pmo Gunners (p) Langley FC (1) vs Coastal (1) West...
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    Premier [FVSL] Premier - Results & Banter 2014/2015

    Alright guys new season. I'll start it off with two rumours. 1. Abby appointed a new head coach, which happens to be my dad. Also they're going under Abby united and not FV magnunson ford. 2. Not sure about the truth in this one as I saw it on twitter but, there's an offer of money from a...
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    Euro 2020

    Euro 2020 to be played in numerous countries Opinions. I'm not sure how i feel about it. Easy arguments to be made for both positive and negative really.
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    Capello Out!

    Capello's done Fabio Capello quits as England coach **** me, i wasn't a fan but now he's given us 4 months to find another coach. Any thoughts on who should take over?
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    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 16

    NFS Knights vs LUFC Dynamo- Going with a tie in this one. 2-2 LUFC Young Guns vs White Rock "A"- Young Guns bounce back from there loss to the Yotes with a 3-0 win. NFS Inter vs PA Nomads- Not picking as always, 2011 Presidents Cup final. Marga vs SFC Coyotes- Shouldn't be a problem. Stolo vs BC...
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    Div 2 D2 MOTW Week 12

    White Rock vs Coyotes 0-3 BC vs Dynamo 1-3 Stolo vs Inter game cancelled Young Guns vs Knights 2-0 Marga vs Nomads 0-? Hard to pick MOTW Last time around in this fixture every game was won by 3 or more except the WR vs Coyotes game Discuss
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    Div 2 div2 MOTW week 6

    BC United A vs Peace Arch Nomads: could be close if BC have guys, otherwise it'll be by 4+ Stolo United A vs White Rock Utd A: stolo because there home Langley Utd Young Guns vs Surrey FC Coyotes: close game, coyotes by 1 or 2 though. Guildford FC Marga vs Langley Utd Dynamo: LOL NFS Knights vs...
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    Adidas miCoach

    Adidas have fitted the new technology into there new adizero, recording how much you run, sprint speed etc within a game. Pretty cool concept imo, however prepare for one hell of an ugly opening colourway for a boot...
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    ufc upcoming fights to get excited about?

    ufc 135- jones vs rampage (only fight i care to see on the card) ufc 136- edgar vs maynard / aldo vs florian / sonnen vs stann ufc 137- terrible card, don't care to see gsp vs condit at all, nor do i wanna see crocop vs roy nelson ufc 138 (free)- leben vs munoz, love watching leben fight! Then...
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    mario balloteli

    anyone watch the man city vs la galaxy game today? If you didn't then here's a clip from maybe the dumbest professional ruining what could be a promising career, there's no doubt the kids good but will he ever grow up? I agree with Mancini's decision to pull him the field instantly. yeah it's...
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    Allstars 2011 All Star Team

    Goalkeepers -Tyson Gordon - Aldergrove Utd Tyler Baldock - Athletic Club BC Gyrish Kaniah - Peace Arch Utd Brent Godin - Port Moody Gunners Defenders -Simon Crocker - Abbotsford Mariners Dave Sambol - GEU Utd (CAPTAIN) Dylan Meyers - North Delta SC Keegan Munn - Peace Arch Utd Matt Dobie - Peace...
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    Whitecaps vs Houston 20110410

    i can't find it on tv, does anyone know a link?
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    R.I.P Chris Henry

    this is sad, especially being a Bengals fan..... Bengals WR Henry dies from injuries sustained in domestic dispute