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  1. bonefish

    [VMSL Masters O40 Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2015/2016

    Norvan 3 VUFC Rangers 1 + Kusch Superstar 4 Good spirited match, the ex Richmond Dragons are a skilled fit team. Kusch is a m'fing handful and caused fits on the Norvan backline all night. His supporting cast were more than competent...welcome to O'40 football???? WTF!!
  2. bonefish

    Premier Norvan(NVFC) Premier Team: Looking for Players

    The NVFC-Norvan Premier Team is seeking recruits for its 2012-13 season. Please contact markwhaley1 @ gmail dot com or PM me directly. There may be some summer soccer(NSSL) available for prospective candidates. Thanks!
  3. bonefish

    BMCR-Bonefish's Master's Combined Rankings 2011-12

    There are enough games in the books at this point to startup another BMCR Thread PowerRank * League Index = Ranking PowerRank=SUM(GoalDifferential,Points,RankDiv(15-league position),RankWins(Wins*2), RankGoalsFor(GoalsFor/2), RankGoalsAgainst(10-GoalsAgainst)) League Index(Higher is...
  4. bonefish

    BMCR-Bonefish's Master's Combined Rankings

    Was messing around with 'de numba's and I have arrived at the following formula as a draft for calculating a combined power ranking across the VMSL, FVSL, NSCL and VISL. League Index(Higher is better): VMSL-1.3, FVSL-1.15, NSCL 1.05, VISL 1.0...
  5. bonefish

    North Shore Coaches League 09-10

    The cagey NSCL teams are keeping quiet as the winter season draws near. Who will come out strong(or less feeble) and will Roma dominate early as they did last year???? Sep 13 10:45am Confederation Nordic vs Seymour Sep 13 12:30pm Confederation Vikings vs Warriors Sep 13 9:45am McCartney...
  6. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, September, 2009/10

    Another summer goes by and here we are again. Lots of new teams(Some long standing ones are gone, ie Knights and JB's). No NK Hrvat in the group with there move up to div 1...who is going to step it up in Mcdirty's/Watcher's absence? Group A looks to be the most competitive based on last...
  7. bonefish

    Div 2 [2009 Division 2/3 Cup] Predictions, Results & Banter

    Preliminary Round Game 1: Meraloma SC vs Bombastic SC ‘B’ Game 2: HNK Vatreni vs Point Grey Rangers Game 3: Cliff Avenue Cobra vs Norvan Lions ‘A’ Game 4: Unicorns vs Burnaby Fury ‘B’ Game 5: KLM Lions vs West Van Royals Game 6: Cosmos SC vs FC Romania ‘B’ Game 7: DFC...
  8. bonefish

    2008/2009 VMSL Field Closures

    From last year (please post if any of the info is outta date), North Van 983-6444 x503 Vancouver 473-6206 New West 527-4634 Richmond 276-4383 Burnaby 294-7984 West Van 925-7209 Coquitlam (604) 927-6969 x 6 Pt. Moody (604) 469-4551 Pt. Coquitlam (604) 927-5455 Surrey (604)...
  9. bonefish

    Lisfranc Sprain/Dislocation/Fracture

    Last Saturday I nailed my foot in a collision with a Keeper. I was trying to jump over him but I think his slide tackle caught my right foot as I was leaping. Long story short intense pain midfoot. Finished the game, barely(no subs). Sunday X-ray showed no fractures but walking is a bitch. I...
  10. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] 2008-09 Combined Ranking

    Love it, hate it, don't understand it or not, the 2008/2009 Power Rankings have returned! It is still early but these standing should start to mature in the next 3-4 weeks. TWk LWk DRank Group Team PwrRank 1 1 B NK HRVAT 68.5 2 1 C MERALOMA SC 59 3 2 B SARAJEVO FC 58 4 2 C...
  11. bonefish

    Exhibition Matches wanted with VMSL Div 1 or FVSL Premier\Div1

    Norvan FC(VMSL Premier\Div1Cat) is looking for possible mid-week friendlies with VMSL Div1 or FVSL Premier or FVSL Div1 sides. The problem we have is access to suitable fields(Which these days means lighted turf). If there are any teams with facilities that are interested in getting some midweek...
  12. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, September, 2008/09

    Predictions, Results and Bullshit for the 2008-09 season go here...
  13. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, Feb-Mar, 2007

    The weather has put the season on ice for a bit but some rain this week should see the turf fields freed up for some action. The most notable game will be Green Devils vs Westside @ Pt Grey, a must win for both teams in their push for first place in the tightly contested 2C.
  14. bonefish

    Div 2 [2008 Division 2/3 Cup] Predictions, Results & Banter

    Last years results are posted here for the time being(Until the new draw/schedule gets posted on Jan 19th). This year will be interesting with the addition of some Div 3 teams that are not necessarily of Div 3 caliber and some "on paper" upsets are bound to happen. The Top four Teams from...
  15. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, Dec-Jan, 2007

    New Month New Thread. With only 2 weekends left before the break, weather is going to curtail football in the Rainforest also known as the lower mainland but there still should be a few big games taking place.
  16. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, November, 2007

    Lots of good battles shaping up in all 3 groups as we pull up to mid season. The push will be on to finish strong before the weather turns and winter break...
  17. bonefish

    Div 2 VMSL Division 2 CAT] Predictions, Results & Banter, Oct-Dec, 2007

    5 Posts in Sept Thread so I think a 3 month consolidated thread is appropriate...
  18. bonefish

    Div 2 [VMSL Division 2] Predictions, Results & Banter, October, 2007

    October, Results, Bullshizzle, etc go here
  19. bonefish

    C.S.A: Do they have the vision or are the economics really holding us back?

    Everything leads back to CSA's woes Another indeminfying decision by the C.S.A that runs counter to putting Canada higher up on the World Stage.