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    Presidents Cup 2015 Presidents Cup

    Garry Knights Presidents Cup 2015 Prelim Round 2015 # Home Div vs. Jan 16/17/18 Div 1 North Delta SC Titans 2 Westcoast SC United 3A 2 CCB FC Karen 4B Westcoast SC Celtic 2 3 LOP FC 4C Whalley City FC Selects 4B 4 Poco FC Rockets 3A Langley Utd Sparta 2 5 Surrey Strikers FC 3B Stolo Braves 4C...
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    Aug 2012 WCFC Tournament

    Hey guys, WCFC (West Coast Auto Group FC) are hosting a tournament August 24-26. We will have 5 groups each with 5 teams: Prem, Div 1, 2, 3 and masters. Games will be 70 min. (35 min halves). 4 games minimum for every team. The cost is $425 per team. We will have beer gardens and bbq's going...