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  1. Captain Shamrock

    Champions League 2014-15

    Let's get this thread rolling as Celtic have qualified for the playoff stage to get into the groups. Okay, we didn't really qualify after getting pumped 6-1 in aggregate to Legia Warsaw. Fortunately for Celtic....or unfortunately as we will likely be gubbed the next round anyway based on our...
  2. Captain Shamrock

    Clayton Kershaw - THE MAN

    How good is this guy? And how many bets has he won for me over the last two years. What a guy. What a pitcher. If I wasn't happily married I'd be asking Clayton to switch teams...along with me. God bless, Kersh.
  3. Captain Shamrock


    As above.......for today ONE BIG PLAY. I'm as confident with this bet as I am that the FVSL is the worst league in North America in terms of footballing teams......but it's very well run though! KANSAS CITY over Minnesota - pitcher is a freak from the Dominican Republic. 1.50
  4. Captain Shamrock

    2014 BC Senior Girls High School Soccer

    Well it's that time of year to get things going with a new thread. I will be reporting for two teams this year as I'm coaching my daughter's school team, McMath, as well as South Delta.....going into year 18 with the Devils! South Delta 3 North Delta 0 - opening game and we managed to give up...
  5. Captain Shamrock

    BC High School Senior Boys Soccer 2013

    Well, despite this being the worst team we've had in the 8 years I've been coaching the boys we have had some interesting results along the way to say the least. We actually beat Charles Best in a tournament several weeks ago and two other teams.....despite having no shots on goal in two of the...
  6. Captain Shamrock

    Locks of the Day

    Let's start a new thread here. Up to TWO locks in the day and let's see where this goes. Tampa Bay (-165) 1.61 Cincy (-150) 1.67 For you decimal people....decimals beside each American Moneyline. To start......$100 double.
  7. Captain Shamrock

    Champions League 2013/14

    Celtic started the long and difficult journey to get into the group stages by beating Cliftonville in the O6 today 3 - 0. It was a great atmosphere with both squads and supporters having mutual respect for each other. Celtic has lost its' toughest midfielder for 12.5 million quid to...
  8. Captain Shamrock

    2013 Senor Girls High School Soccer

    It's that time of year again......and most teams have already started practicing and playing games. So far we have played two exhibition games and they have been decent considering the short numbers. South Delta 0 Burnsview 0 - As the score would indicate, not a game of many chances. South...
  9. Captain Shamrock

    BC High School Boys Soccer 2012

    A little late perhaps.....:rolleyes: but tomorrow is the final of the AAA Provincial Boys High School season. Charles Best, who is playing in its' third straight final(they were banned last year from competing due to sanctions) will be playing against another Coquitlam school, Terry Fox. It...
  10. Captain Shamrock

    Scotland Division Three/Challenge Cup - Newco Division Three

    TNT http://i950.photobucket.com/albums/ad348/GOTW2010/2w57jer.jpg Some action from yesterday's Challenge Cup match which Newco Rangers defeated the mighty Brechin City in extra-time.
  11. Captain Shamrock

    2012 Senior Girls High School Soccer

    Despite all the 'stuff' that is going on we are going ahead with our program and hopefully most other schools are too. There really is NO reason in the world to stop the kids from playing as they don't do much when it comes to negotiations between the BCTF and the Government. Let the kids...
  12. Captain Shamrock

    Grade 8 Girls Basketball Thread

    Figured I would put a plug in to the McMath Grade 8 girls basketball team. :) Congratulations to the girls who won the Richmond League and playoffs, Vancouver and District Championship(1st Richmond team in 30 years to do so at the grade 8 level), and just came THIRD in the Provincial...
  13. Captain Shamrock

    Philadelphia Flyers 2011/2012

    Well, it certainly is going to be an interesting season in the City of Brotherly Love. With Richards and Carter gone, it will be interesting to see if the team gels quickly....or gels at all. By all accounts, there were major problems within the team which is obviously one of the reasons they...
  14. Captain Shamrock

    2011 Senior Boys High School Soccer

    It's that time of year again so I thought we would start a new thread. So far, we have played 11 games(2 tournaments) and have won 8 and lost 3. We just came back this evening from Kamloops where we were fortunate enough to win the tournament. We beat a very good Panorama Ridge team in...
  15. Captain Shamrock

    dwarf with a lisp......

    A dwarf with a lisp goes into a stud farm 'I'd like to buy a horth' he says What sort of horse?', said the owner a 'A female horth,' the owner shows him a mare. 'Nithe horth,' says the dwarf, 'can I thee her eyth?" owner picks him up shows the eyes. 'Nith eyth', says the dwarf, 'can I thee...
  16. Captain Shamrock

    ****s at it again........good to see the RUC doing their job.

    Hundreds of masked loyalists have attacked Nationalist homes ... on Twitpic
  17. Captain Shamrock

    RIP, Mrs. Pat Roberts

    A lot of you probably know George Roberts, who has been a massive part of the soccer community for many years. Sadly, his wife, Pat, passed away yesterday after battling cancer for some time. George's children, Geraldine, Allison, Paul, and John have been very lucky to have a mother like Pat...
  18. Captain Shamrock

    AAA Boys Provincial Final 2010(2011)

    Surrey Leader - Soccer brawl at B.C. boys AAA championship tournament Crazy way to finish the tournament.......anyone see the game?
  19. Captain Shamrock

    2011 High School Senior Girls Soccer

    Back at it for my 14th year at South Delta and as always REALLY looking forward to working with the school team. We will have a decent team this year and we will be pushing for our 10th straight Provincials which would tie a record that North Delta set through the 90s and early 00s. We have no...
  20. Captain Shamrock


    I am no officially part of the University of Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevils. :wa: I've just ordered the sweatshirt online......and looks brilliant...