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  1. Captain Shamrock

    2021 TTP NFL Pickem Challenge

    Haha. I actually took Canada. :). Lock of the day tomorrow. College football. Utah State ML and UTEP +26
  2. Captain Shamrock

    2022 WC Qualifying

    As usual....not good enough for 90 minutes. Draws at home aren’t good enough generally despite this being one of Canada’s better teams over the years. Too passive around goal too many times yesterday and left back is a train wreck. Herdman needs to stop trying to hard with his fist pumps and...
  3. Captain Shamrock

    2021 TTP NFL Pickem Challenge

    I will have to look into that. Some great stuff going on there many years ago.
  4. Captain Shamrock

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    That last Cantona tackle only earned him a YELLOW card. :)
  5. Captain Shamrock

    2015 Gold Cup

    You don't pay $2500 to sit on the bench and watch your team try to win games the wrong way. That's counterproductive. It's about developing players good enough to play at the next level and understanding the game enough that they can play at the level they are capable of playing at. Playing...
  6. Captain Shamrock

    Kamloops 2015

    I will be there...........playing for the B Squad. For 10 minutes
  7. Captain Shamrock

    2015 Gold Cup

    Jonesy, the last bit of your post sums up a HUGE part of the problem. Guys with massive egos running the show THINKING they know all because a piece of paper says so who REALLY don't understand how to work with players ABILITIES before they shut players down for their INABILITIES. They have it...
  8. Captain Shamrock

    Nations Cup 2015

    Every PK call against a team you're a part of, CIC........is soft.......#nobrainer :)
  9. Captain Shamrock

    RRSL summer league

    All Blacks 1 Rino 0 - Both teams had a few quality chances....both teams had a penalty kick.......one team scored and one didn't. Congratulations to the All-Blacks who won the double this year.
  10. Captain Shamrock

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Rumours 2014/2015

    BTW, MR is NOT going to the Tigers........He will be playing where he did last year...
  11. Captain Shamrock

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Rumours 2014/2015

    Well, if people have the money to spend and think it's important for them to spend...then that's their prerogative. If someone gives the kids a job then that's okay, right? Nothing is legally 'binding'......though there might be a few visits to the players if they jumped ship after getting...
  12. Captain Shamrock

    Clayton Kershaw - THE MAN

    Nope......another game giving up 1 run......NBD.
  13. Captain Shamrock

    Champions League 2014-15

    Let's get this thread rolling as Celtic have qualified for the playoff stage to get into the groups. Okay, we didn't really qualify after getting pumped 6-1 in aggregate to Legia Warsaw. Fortunately for Celtic....or unfortunately as we will likely be gubbed the next round anyway based on our...
  14. Captain Shamrock

    Clayton Kershaw - THE MAN

    Franchise...another machine right now. Good call.
  15. Captain Shamrock

    Clayton Kershaw - THE MAN

    Can't argue that.....another pitcher right now who is ON FIRE is Tyson Ross of the Padres...as well as Cole Hamels.
  16. Captain Shamrock

    2014 Vancouver Whitecaps

    Spot on, Jigsaw. :)
  17. Captain Shamrock

    Beach Soccer Blast 2014

    White Shoes, I can't help with the youth tournaments but I do know Langley hosts one and as you mentioned, Metro Ford. We aren't putting a team in it this year as both are long ways to travel on the last weekend before school.......if there is school. Cheers Union and Govt.
  18. Captain Shamrock

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Rumours 2014/2015

    Remember, Bulljive, I'm just reporting stuff...the middle man. :) If people have the money to pay players....good on them. If any of them want to pay me while we are on strike, I would have no problem with that. PRoblem is I"ve had 10 operations and should have been shot a long time ago....
  19. Captain Shamrock

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Rumours 2014/2015

    So.......part of the rumors were true but RG is NOT going to CCB(anonymous initials for a particular team). M is going there...There might be a surprise for a player who will be leaving the FC Tigers....for a premier team. More about that when it happens or when it is okay to announce...Karma...
  20. Captain Shamrock

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Rumours 2014/2015

    Okay so here are a couple of tidbits for everyone... Two players were going to sign for FC Tigers......MR and RG for $5000 each. But another team.....let's just say the initials CCB to remain anonymous, offered $8000 for each of them so the boys are going to make a bit more money than what...