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  1. Rangerforever

    NHL 2021 Season

    https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-teams-in-new-divisions-for-2020-21-season/c-319844882 I like the new divisions - It's a change.
  2. Rangerforever

    Bob Rosenlund

    I just received a sad text that Bobby passed away today at 11:30AM. I knew he had a condition for some time now but had no idea it had got to this stage. For those of us that had the pleasure of playing against or with Bobby, I'm sure you can agree with me that he was a very special player. He...
  3. Rangerforever

    Bye Bye Jurgen Klinsmann

    http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/38058433 Discuss.
  4. Rangerforever

    Take a seat Douchbag

  5. Rangerforever

    European WC Qualifying

    News - Rooney is dropped for Tuesday's against Slovenia - Scotland still suck
  6. Rangerforever

    Big Sam the new Gaffer?

    BBC is reporting Sam Allardyce will be named as the new Manager of England in the next 24 hours. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/36850753 Steve Bruce was also in the running apparently. Is Sam the Man? Discuss
  7. Rangerforever


    We are back. GIFRUY. All of ya. :knvb:
  8. Rangerforever

    Euro 2016

    Draw is out. France with a pass in the group stages is my thoughts. Platini obviously able to get the fix in on time before he got busted...:rolleyes: :D Off to the Cote D'Azur in June baby. :cool:
  9. Rangerforever

    2014/2015 Fitba

    Sexy draw for the League Cup Semi Finals. Aberdeen vs. Dundee United Rangers vs. Celtic Both marquee match ups right now but the Old Firm is back baby and for sure will take centre stage. They say both semis will probably be at Hampden. Come on Rangers. :knvb: Discuss :rolleyes: ;)
  10. Rangerforever

    Ireland Dynamic Duo?

    You have to like possibilities of this match up: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24770300
  11. Rangerforever

    2013 FVSL Awards Night

    Great job again. Congrats to Bob Sawtell for his lifetime achievement award. Class act so you are my friend. Well done to Aldergrove 1981-1989 for winning their accolade also. I recollect their dominance quite well unfortunately... Good to see everyone and cheers, RF
  12. Rangerforever

    Champions League 2012/2013

    Looking good for Celtic right now in Sweden. Jinx. :D
  13. Rangerforever

    Premiership 2011/12

    Stuart Downing To Liverpool? You must be liking what's going on at Anfield these days Regs... Seems like the rebuilding under King Kenny continues.
  14. Rangerforever

    What should have been done in the 1st place

    BBC Sport - Football - Fabio Capello names Steven Gerrard as England captain No disrespect to Rio or Terry but seriously this was the guy for the job in the first place.
  15. Rangerforever

    Happy birthday Whistle Blower

    Aw - A Christmas baby...God bless. ;) Have a good one Kevin and cheers, Frase
  16. Rangerforever

    Franchise's Grade 4 class photo

    Hey Lonesome... :D
  17. Rangerforever

    Red Bull Arena

    I watched FSW yesterday and they had a bit on this new stadium. Unbelievably sweet. This site doesn't do it justice. Red Bull Arena Easily the nicest stadium in North America IMHO. Grass field, soccer specific. This is when you shake your head about Vancouver not giving Kerfoot the...
  18. Rangerforever

    Champions League 2009/10

    Rangers seeded into Pot II they say. Yeah baby...:)
  19. Rangerforever

    Scottish Premier League News 2009/2010

    McGhee to Aberdeen and Mowbray to Celtic. Hmmm...
  20. Rangerforever

    2009 Langley Summer League

    Has anyone seen the Suburbanator? I keep getting my email and PM attempts blocked. Waassssssuuuupppp? Who's in and who's out? Muckers FC to take the Title. Ta, RF