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  1. bulljive

    Tiger Woods

    Anyone watch the new documentary on HBO “Tiger?” I really enjoyed it, Tiger isn’t involved but a lot of close people from his life are. I never really knew the full story and it’s pretty detailed from childhood-present. It’s never easy being that big, represent so many brands and so many peoples...
  2. bulljive

    Allstars 2012 FVSL Allstar team

    Keepers Erman Ozkan - POCO FC Gyrish Kaniah - PEACE ARCH UTD Alex Andrews - WESTCOAST FC Defenders Mike Gomes - POCO FC Jimmy Thompson - POCO FC Dave Sambol - WESTCOAST FC Lucas Serres - NORTH DELTA SC Aaron Wall - TWU TITANS Chris Trauter - LANGLEY UTD Midfielders Mark Gomes - POCO FC Vito...
  3. bulljive

    Epic Beard Man

    Apparently this guys is actually a Vietnam veteran (Marine), and was confronted while riding the bus. He explains in another interview that he was speaking with a friend on the bus about getting his shoes spit shined, when the other man made a comment as he walked by. There appears to be a...
  4. bulljive

    Premier [FVSL Premier 2005]-Predictions & Banter

    top 4" GN/sufc, delta metro, chilli, PAU no paticular order