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  1. akslop

    2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Playoff Time! Who gonna win?
  2. akslop

    Winning Time

    You're welcome John C. Reilly award worthy performance.
  3. akslop

    Pam and Tommy

    2 thumbs up. The introduction of Andrew Dice Clay . So good
  4. akslop

    Is reality a hallucination?

    While doing some research on why we are so impacted on the passing of our pets compared to humans closest to us, I stumbled across this article and found in incredibly interesting. "why can hours sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye, and five minutes feel impossibly long? "...
  5. akslop

    Russia Invades Ukraine

    As predicted , the narrative is now shifting. Covid will be buried on the back pages, eventually fizzle out and become an after thought. There is alot at stake here. This isn't Crimea all over again. As an observer, the timing is interesting. Wait until your best Friend ( China ) finishes up...
  6. akslop

    Evander Kane

  7. akslop

    I might watch this just to see someone die

    https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/31401164/jake-paul-takes-floyd-mayweather-hat-press-event-brother-logan-paul-fight I miss the old days. Pirating PPV on the black box to watch real boxers. I may have to watch just to say I saw a Paul brother die live. FML. Can we have real fights after...
  8. akslop

    RIP TSN 1040

    Wtf. That was a pretty pathetic way to can everyone. fcuk Bell media
  9. akslop

    RIP Jay and Dan

    Cant help but think his break down a few months ago was a factor. Sad to see Natasha go :confused: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/tsn-dan-otoole-bell-media-layoffs
  10. akslop

    Tyson vs Jones Jr

    Anyone gonna watch this? I cant be bothered looking for a stream so I'll pay the asking price. Would love to see Iron Mike do his thing one more time. Just hope It goes atleast a full round :confused:
  11. akslop

    Anelka on Netflix

  12. akslop

    Incase You Missed It!!!!!!

    New thread. Post your must see news articles here.
  13. akslop


    Just floored over the news of Jason Botchford's Passing. I was a fan and really enjoyed the passion he brought with his profession. Gone too soon. RIP Botch
  14. akslop

    RIP to THE ROXY?

  15. akslop

    The Soccer Ball

  16. akslop


    Fcuk they're painful to watch. Fire Buono and hire Farhan Lalji as his replacement. Trade For Jonny Football and I might go see a game live. What a horrible time to be a local sports fan.
  17. akslop

    This deserves its own thread.

    https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=ssK3a_1530262572 Discuss.....
  18. akslop

    poor guy

    Sign this guy up here!
  19. akslop


    more here https://twitter.com/PaigeSpiranac Fore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!