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  1. knvb

    FVSL Weekly

    Cut & Paste... February 21, 2020 From the Media Desk of the Fraser Valley Soccer League… There was a surprise result this week in the Umbro Premier League that could well impact the title race when the finally count is tallied in a little over a month’s time. There was also an epic battle...
  2. knvb

    Awesome Stuff on Twitter

    you have no soul if you don't laugh
  3. knvb

    Western Canadian Nationals - Masters

    Just heard Poco Castilians lost 2 or 3 nil to Manitoba in their opener. Calgary may never be the same...
  4. knvb

    Soccer injury leaves more than one kind of scar

    Anyone catch this? http://www.theprovince.com/touch/story.html?id=8919618 As someone who just had his peg busted playing I know EXACTLY what he's feeling in regards to returning to the game. Worst yet for Russ, he actually has talent, so it's a real waste...
  5. knvb

    Ryder Cup 2012

    Anyone dialed into the Ryder cup this week? Kelly Tilghman (Yes, I would hit that) is tweeting Tiger will ride the pine for the first time in tomorrow mornings matches. He really was crap today.
  6. knvb

    Urgent Breaking News... The Gingers are taking over Vancouver

    Only a matter of time before we took over... :knvb:
  7. knvb

    Pacific Cup 2011/12 to include FVSL, VISL and VMSL

    I see the VMSL has worked their way into the Pacific Cup started last year between the FVSL and VISL. I can't say I'm thrilled with 8 of 16 spots but it is what it is I guess. First round draw was done already. PACIFIC CUP UPDATE This season the Pacific Cup will include the addition of 8...
  8. knvb

    Premier [FVSL Premier] Rumors and Various Scuttlebutt 2011

    Word around the Langley Legion last night is ACBC is now part of SFC ACBCSFC say that 5 times fast.
  9. knvb

    [FVSL Masters] Rumours, slander and various scuttlebutt... 2011/12

    3 days removed from the provincial cup finals and the rumours are already flying... Poco Castilians with 2, IMO, significant signings. Shawn Blakeway from VMSL Delta and Mike Baldwin from FVSL Aldergrove. The PAU premier group has taken charge of Peace Arch United Masters
  10. knvb

    2011 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Anyone got an inside source at the draw for updates? --- Full Draw can be found in Post#12 (http://www.takethepiss.com/forums/bc-senior-provincial-cups/16799-2011-bc-mens-provincial-cup-draw-predictions-results-banter.html#post334657)
  11. knvb

    [FVSL] Cup Draw 2010

    Cup draw 2010 has been set for December 9th, 2010... There will be food, drink specials and prizes donated by the FVSL & Soccer City. The location this year is slightly more central and relevant to the valley membership.
  12. knvb

    Premier [FVSL Premier] Pre-Season Results, Rumors and Various Scuttlebutt.

    Any player moves or napkin signing at the Nations cup this weekend? I hear ghouse is at his old promo ways and ACBC is playing a friendly vs a Toronto based Croatian side? I'd be interested in seeing that actually... ....like I am when driving by and watching to see if the city ditch...
  13. knvb

    $750 Million Dollar Shag(s)

    Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement: Elin Nordegren Gets $750M, Custody of Kids Ouch of the highest order
  14. knvb

    Boots of the World Cup 2010

    There are some shockers out there and there as some awesome ones too. Everyone has seen Nike's WC special colour way with the violet/ orange and Adidas went with Sea of Yellow theme anything else catch the eye?
  15. knvb

    Best & Worst Kit of the World Cup

    I'll start with the WORST so far... Charlie Brown called he wants his top back. I really like Australia new kit. ZGermans always look sharp as does the Dutch, obvioulsy.
  16. knvb

    Killer yellow card

    Shoc-king. Dead Croatian soccer player yellow-carded for faking it
  17. knvb

    Allstars FVSL All-Stars 2010

    1st Team All Stars Tyler Baldock - ATHLETIC CLUB BC Jimmy Thompson - POCO RANGERS FC Diaz Kambere - ATHLETIC CLUB BC Liam Breen - PEACE ARCH UTD Mike Wooldridge - POCO RANGERS FC Dave Sambol - GOLDEN EARS UTD Rob Fadden - ABBOTSFORD MARINERS Jay Gangnes - POCO RANGERS FC Admir...
  18. knvb

    Things you shouldn't do after the age of 30

    No particular order, but after 30 you shouldn't... Own a shirt that has been "bedazled" type an email with partial words. U r so right. be likes to fight guy in the pub or bar wear your hat backward (Or sideways for that matter) Feel free to add on
  19. knvb

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Ladner Recreational Soccer League The results from the prestigious opening of the Ladner summer soccer league last night... Albion 2 PFC 2 Ladner Landing 2 NDU 1 Cliff Ave 5 Delta Sundance 4
  20. knvb

    2010 Masters - Tigers back

    Out since November. Sex therapy, allegedly. 9iron to the face, allegedly and he's still 4/1 to win the Masters... Oh and Ghouse, it'll be on grass. Tournament Winner Selection Odds Tiger Woods 4/1 Phil Mickelson 8/1 Padraig Harrington 14/1 Steve Stricker 14/1 Ernie Els...