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  1. canucklehead

    Dark Side of the Ring (Crave)

    Great. I will let that 13 year old female referee know that your blew up at know that it was due to head trauma and that you couldn't be controlled. Now we know....and knowing is half the battle!
  2. canucklehead

    VMSL Referee Thread

    PCSL 2014 all fees will be 80/40/40.
  3. canucklehead

    2013 BC Mens Provincial B Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Tuna: Glad to see I'm not the only one who can fcuk up the lights schedule on a night game:) Seen that movie as an Allblack a time or two??
  4. canucklehead

    2011 BC Mens Provincial B Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Re: 2011 BC Provincial B Cup Cup draw today @ 11am at Creekside Community Centre (Athletes Village)...Any players attending?
  5. canucklehead

    Richmond Senior Soccer League-Masters Division

    Hey Dude...With a combo of new teams and teams moving in to Masters from within, we would be happy to start with 6....Grow it and go from there. What we can offer is games on regular days in the same window every week (Saturday's and/or Sundays between 10am-2pm..we can accomodate...
  6. canucklehead

    Richmond Senior Soccer League-Masters Division

    The RSSL is accepting applications for Masters teams for the 2011-2012 winter season. Please visit our website @ Richmond Senior Soccer to fill out an application. We will have 1 birth for the 2012 BCSA Masters Provincial Cup competition. Cheers!! Noel Estacio
  7. canucklehead

    Canada / Umbro Partnership

    Poco Dominion?
  8. canucklehead


    why don't you check with your District to find out what the protocol is?
  9. canucklehead

    Div 1 [FVSL D1] Results & Banter 2010/2011

    Re: [FVSL D1] Results & Banter November & December 2010 When one gets suspended in any league (youth or senior) it applies to "all soccer-related activities"...coaching, refereeing/manager. Beer man is the only exclusion. Play while suspended as a coach...game can be protested, overturned and...
  10. canucklehead

    VMSL Referee Thread

    I see our conversation on Tuesday night jogged your memory...
  11. canucklehead

    Keith Millar Provincial B Cup 2010

    Phantom PK?!? Was your source high??? ACBC player gets whacked accross the ankle in the Penalty Area that everyone could see and that is phantom? :rolleyes: Anyways...thanks to all of those that came out and supported the event. Some good games on both sides helpd out with some great weather...
  12. canucklehead

    Keith Millar Provincial B Cup 2010

    Boyd South and Boyd Oval: GRASS Boyd Blue, Red/Minoru Oval and Minoru #2: TURF
  13. canucklehead

    Keith Millar Provincial B Cup 2010

    what do you mean no host team?
  14. canucklehead

    Keith Millar Provincial B Cup 2010

    Competition rules have since been changed and you are free to stay wherever you wish. We are finalizing rates with a local hotel and offer that up to traveling teams. Cheers!
  15. canucklehead

    Refereeing question please ?

    Read much??:confused:
  16. canucklehead

    Refereeing question please ?

    Well said, WB... BTW, PK's at U11/12 are 9m from goal Also, the crazed mom put your kid in tears?? That is unfortunate and she is obviously over the top but hmmm....I wonder if you took in to account what that kid who was the referee felt like as you and your parents shouted what you thought...