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  1. Reccos

    Bobby Ackles RIP

    Canadian football builder Ackles passes away Bobby Ackles passed away today of a heart attack at the age of 69. What a horrific loss for his family, the BC Lions organization and the CFL. This was a guy who started as the team waterboy while in high school and rose through the ranks of...
  2. Reccos

    Tonite: Spain U/20s vs BC University Team

    The email re: the game tonight says the rest of the list follows but I didn't get it. 6 SFU Players to Face Spain U-20 Burnaby, B.C. – Six members of the Simon Fraser University Clan men’s soccer team have been selected to play as part of a BC University Team for a friendly against the...
  3. Reccos

    "Kicking Cancer is Kelli's Goal" Van Sun B2

    Dan Stinson has written a nice story about Kelli Glass, Peter Stannard's partner (a Premier TTPer!) and her fight with cancer and the support she has from her family, her team and employer. Nice photo of her team, Westside Red Devils in the Vancouver Sun Tuesday, B2. This also speaks of the...
  4. Reccos

    Free TV On Your PC! Check it out.

    http://www.viidoo.com/en/download.php I only have someone else's word on this but this guy claims that he downloaded this software and was watching the Canucks PPV live last night. I will download it later and check it out, but others may know of this already. There are discussion...
  5. Reccos

    1994 Western Division Final BC vs Calgary

    Hello Reccos it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? Ok how about this clip for starters: YouTube - 1994 Western...
  6. Reccos

    World Cup Death Watch

    http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/world_cup_death_watch/index.html Interesting website recounted numerous deaths since World Cup 2006 got under way. "Sadly, there have been eleven eighteen more World Cup related fatalities. The World Cup Death Watch increases to 36 43 as we head into the...
  7. Reccos

    Did BCSA Blow It Again???

    I guess the question is whether it is more important for a couple of young 14 year old girls to be allowed to play for their school team versus saving themselves for the BCSA. What do people think of this decision and encouragement for the two not to play. http://www.tricitynews.com/...
  8. Reccos

    Scotland and World Cup 1978

    A great story by Archie Gemmill - player on the Scottish 78 World Cup side that featured Willie Johnston being bounced from the tourney for taking a pep pill. This is an extract in the timesonline today of his book to be coming out soon. Good read of the continuing saga of the Scots who...
  9. Reccos

    La Rocca- Great Food, Great Service, Good People!

    My wife and I went to LaRocca tonight and as usual the food and service was great!!! I think that was the first time in a long time I have seen my wife actually enjoy every last morsel of linguine rather than eat half and wish she ordered something else. This is definitely a restaurant...
  10. Reccos

    Happy Birthday Admiring from Japan

    happy b'day, whoever you are!
  11. Reccos

    Burnaby Park User Changes

    Not sure where to put this but Burnaby Parks is getting tougher on teams have players not living in Burnaby. I think North Van's Rec Commission's actions last year led to some teams moving to O/30 leagues in North Van and now Burnaby is following up on this. If all GVRD municipalities do...
  12. Reccos

    Limited or Unlimited Subs in International Friendlies?

    Sky Sports article has the England coach wanting to use unlimited subs in friendlies which makes soccer purists cringe and VMSL President, Willi Azzi, threaten to resign if this comes to the VMSL. What do others think? I personally like the rule for BC soccer to be the one used in our...
  13. Reccos

    Witch Cnut

    Just watched a female reporter on CBC Newsworld ask Canada's new Solicitor General, Wayne Easter of PEI, "Who do you think is behind the witch cnut" (of former minister, Lawrence MacCaulay). Now that will have a hard time making a bloopers show. The reporter quickly repeated "witch hunt"...
  14. Reccos

    Premier Mindnumbingly useless banter

    Ref Beater I watched Sporting and Sapperton and you guys could've had 16 different guys and still got whupped!!! Is that like - we're better on paper only to realize the game isn't played on paper. Why would you brag about threatening a ref!! They may be bad but without them you don't...