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  1. J

    Canucks 2013 Offseason Thread

    Instead of turning the playoffs thread into a disaster post-mortem, I thought I'd start a new thread commencing from my post here: Need to change some of the core, which will be hard with no-move clauses and no-trade clauses. Edler could be traded for some potential youth and a forward...
  2. J

    Big Break Greenbrier

    Anyone been watching this Season of BB? James Lepp of Abby is competing, and for those that might be stocking the PVR with episodes, I won't ruin anything... It is funny to see his "Saucer Pass" chipping technique.
  3. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 9

    What is your week 9 MOTW?
  4. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 8

    What's your MOTW for this Halloween-ish Weekend? Hopefully the weather stays cool, windy and clear.
  5. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 7

    Here's your weekly MOTW Poll and banter thread
  6. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 6

    Well, 5 games in and the standings are taking some shape. What's your Week 6 MOTW?
  7. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 5

    What's your Weeek 5 MOTW?
  8. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 3

    Week 3 MOTW Selections.
  9. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 2

    On to week 2.
  10. J

    UBC and Caps Partner in a New Training Centre

    Whitecaps to partner with UBC in multi-million-dollar training centre
  11. J

    FVSL Div 4 Results & Banter- 2012/13

    New season, New Thread for all banter for FVSL Divisions 4A, 4B & 4C.
  12. J

    Div 1 [FVSL Div 1] Results and Banter 2012-13 Season

    New Season, New Thread. Sticky'ed for easy access. :wa:
  13. J

    Div 3 [FVSL Div 3] Results and Banter 2012-13 Season

    Here you go, post here in your proper forum.
  14. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2]2012/13 MOTW Week 1

    Here's your picks for this week. What says you?
  15. J

    Div 2 [FVSL D2] Results & Banter - Preseason & September 2012/13

    The tentative alignment is up in the contacts section of the FVSL Website. Abby Magnuson Ford (Promoted via Abby Utd SC D3 last season I presume?) Coastal FC Nomads (That name will be changing very soon as the Nomads are no more) LUFC Dynamo PoMo Sentinel (Relegated D1 Port Moody, I don't know...
  16. J


    I'd assume most of you by now will have seen the news that Adam "MCA" Yauch has passed away following his bout with Cancer. Sad Stuff. RIP to the man that was a prominent figure in the soundtrack of my youth.
  17. J

    Canuck 2012 Offseason Thread

    Armchair GM time. Remember that the CBA has expired once this season is over and we have the outside chance that the current way salary caps work and cap hits are calculated could change, but for the sake of the exercise and banter let's leave the Cap Rules as they are now. Forwards (10 under...
  18. J

    BCTF Strike 2012

    I know we're big boys and can have decent debates/conversations on these topics. I also know a great many school teachers that play soccer. I'd like to hear from them. I have some friends that are teachers. I'd say out of the 10 or so I know like 7-8 of them seem to be well versed on the topic...
  19. J

    Cherry joins Twitter

    25 potential Don Cherry tweets - sportsnet.ca
  20. J

    Tough Story on Paul James.

    tough stuff. Former Canadian National James details years of addiction