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  1. Mr. Rempa

    2021 Whitecaps

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC set for return to Canada, await games at BC Place By Jonathan Sigal @JonathanSigal...
  2. Mr. Rempa

    Get Well Rino!

    Just found out about Rino's current conditions ... From SmartCoach actually .... Rino has been moved from Royal Columbia hospital to Burnaby General Reg ward He need physical therapy to walk again as he has hip replacement His head injury is much better his wife said he is improving daily...
  3. Mr. Rempa

    Sapperton at Nationals 2018

    CONGRATULATIONS Surrey BC Tigers Hurricanes .... After 14 years ? the National Championship is coming back ...
  4. Mr. Rempa

    RIP Martin Foden

    Very sad news ... Marty was a GENTLEMAN ... on every aspect ... Soccer or personal ... Shock to say the least ... Always had great respect for him... To his Family and his Soccer Family my Sincere Condolences ... SAD SAD SAD ....
  5. Mr. Rempa

    2015 Gold Cup

    Interesting ... Jigsaw since you are retired now ... why don't you/we start an ACADEMY for players from POOR FAMILIES ... just an idea
  6. Mr. Rempa

    TTP 2013 Updates - Phase 1 Done

    Interesting ...
  7. Mr. Rempa

    2012 Whitecaps Game Thread

    Tan will provide speed at front and be more effective that Hassli
  8. Mr. Rempa

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    If you read at the top of the "list of suspended players" then you will understand...just saying :confused: Just to save you some time: *Players whose suspensions are shown with question marks (????) must appear at the next discipline hearing* :p:p
  9. Mr. Rempa

    Hargreaves & Alex McKechnie

    I was fortunate to be at the same place, while in rehab (with Nico Berg), and talked with Alex who introduced to me Owen, we talk for a bit and saw him working his butt off. At the time he was not sure where he was going to end up...but there were offer from Leicester, another Premier team and...
  10. Mr. Rempa

    [VMSL Masters Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Knowing you BB, really disappointed with yours comments. One point is clear though, the SU Master team let down a CLUB, a club that its directors and COACHES at all levels (you included) had worked so hard to build a reputation, a club which have won NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS.
  11. Mr. Rempa

    [VMSL Masters Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    Well Regs, thanks for sharing your experiences...yeah if you touch a jello (300 pounds) for sure it will move. :p But please help me since you know more English than me, is there any difference between KICK & TOUCH? Thanks in advance, :D
  12. Mr. Rempa

    [VMSL Masters Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2011/2012

    When was the last time you check Regs? Because Law 13 which refer to the Free Kicks said: The ball is play when is kick and moves Just saying
  13. Mr. Rempa

    Keith Watts

    Keith Watts a nice Gentleman who will be missed. Condolences to the Family. R.I.P. Keith
  14. Mr. Rempa

    Premier [FVSL Premier] Rumors and Various Scuttlebutt 2011

    Bicycle Captain bicycle... by the time you get to Poco you'll be super FIT
  15. Mr. Rempa

    New VMSL Logo

    Just my 2 cents... if you don't like it then get on with your ideas of a new one...I am working on my logo for the league. Just saying PS I am putting Yoda's avatar or Regs avatar, with Trece Verde's looking at it and some how Sir M's dog somewhere there.:D:D
  16. Mr. Rempa

    Champions League 2010 / 2011

    Feel SORRY for Walks, Striker14, Djones and all the United people but today that was a lesson for the Red boys and their fans.
  17. Mr. Rempa

    Premier VMSL Premier Division - Who will be relegated?

    It's not the first time you miss something Cappy.
  18. Mr. Rempa

    The Bald Macedonian Referee (Rubin?)

    Damage control WAB?? a bit late Brian.
  19. Mr. Rempa

    Premier Who the eff is Brian Brum!?!?!

    Very please to see him back on the field, too bad he is going to the wrong League though :D:D All this time we could had sent him to rescue the Chilean miners, perhaps 2 1/2 months & 700 meters underground would make him to cool down...(and loose some pounds):eek: :bronco::wa: