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    Half Time Analysis -Euro 2004

    England are playing negative football with the Swiss doing all the pressing. Somehow the English were able to score on the counter, a bit lucky but that's the English way inn it? Rooney should have been ejected early on for his studs up challenge on the Swiss keeper. As usual referee's always...
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    Match Preview: France - England

    On one side you have a star studded team full of technical ability, speed, passion, depth and super stars. On the other you have England. What will it take for England to win this game, besides an enormous amount of luck? I see Barthez as a weak spot. He can be shakey but, how the hell are...
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    The Ugly OF EURO '04

    This thread, dedicated to Fastshow, will be for the ugly players of EURO. Is that your face or your ass? I'll start with Boris Zivkovic (Croatia Captain), Fabien Barthez (France Keeper) and Wayne Rooney (English Twat).
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    EURO '04 - Group D

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    EURO '04 - Group C

    Who will win this group? BULGARIA DENMARK ITALY SWEDEN
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    EURO '04 - Group B

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    EURO '04 - Group A

    Who will win this group? GREECE PORTUGAL RUSSIA SPAIN
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    No Brit Birds For Pompey Player

    Soccer star in England tells British girls they don't have a chance...
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    Mutu says Italian Football is not for men

    Mutu hits out at Italian football ROME, Nov 3 (Reuters) - Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu says he has no regrets at leaving Italian club Parma to come to Stamford Bridge. The 24-year-old Romanian - a £15.8 million ($26.8 million) close-season signing - scored his fifth league goal of...
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    Will Hill's Euro Outright

    Will Hill doesn't seem to think too much of the Scotland side... France 5.00 Italy 6.50 Portugal 7.00 England 8.00 Holland 9.00 Spain 10.00 Czech Rep 10.00 Germany 12.00 Turkey 21.00 Sweden 26.00...
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    Best Midfielders in the Bundesliga

    Here are the top midfielders in the Bundesliga according to Kicker Magazine. Unreal that 'Oldo' Soldo is ranked so high. Maybe he should get another Croatia call-up...
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    Ballack says Germans can't win

    Germany midfielder Michael Ballack believes the three-time World Cup winners are not good enough to win Euro 2004 in Portugal next year. "All the teams want to win but for some it is not a realistic goal," the Bayern Munich playmaker told German newspaper Die Welt. "I don't think we belong...
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    Captain England Ready For Croatia

    Beckham ready for Croatia Beckham is feeling the effects a string of hard training sessions England captain David Beckham says he is fit and raring to play in Wednesday's friendly against Croatia. There were fears the Real Madrid midfielder might have to pull out of the game because...
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    Friday Rec Indoor Soccer

    Fri Aug 01, 2003 6:20 PM ARENA TEAM CROATIA at CLUB IRELAND FC Here's a match up between the superior technically skilled genius of Team Croatia, vs. the head down, elbows up, run like a chicken with its head cut off, Club Ireland. It should be the usual "stroll through the park"...
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    Transfer Rumours

    Zenga, Rumour has it that Inter are interested in signing Milan Rapaic. Hear anything about that? He refused a move to Sampdoria a month ago because the 6 hundred thousand Euro a year deal wasn't enough for him to live in Italy...
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    What Simpsons Character are you?

    I know the Captain will love this. I hope this hasn't already been posted before....
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    Confederation Cup 2003

    Today Confederation Cup action!!! June 20 FT Colombia 3 - 1 New Zealand FT France 2 - 1 Japan Previous scores: Turkey 2 - 1 United States Brazil 0 - 1 Cameroon So easy.:cool:
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    Champion's League Final

    Today's Champion's League Final is a perfect example of why Italian teams should be banned from playing soccer on TV. Other than a few moments in the first half, the rest of the game was crap!
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    Croatian Summer Soccer Tourni - 2003

    I am starting up a new thread for the Croatian Summer soccer tourni to let people know how the TTP Croats are doing on the pitch. This year the tourni has expanded by 4 teams to make it twelve. The first week has been played and it drew, a record, 2,437 spectators to the Croatian Picnic grounds...
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    Should Knvb have taken CDK's double or nuthing bet?

    I just want to see what people think of Knvb backing out of the "double or nothing" offer I gave him last night regarding the avatar...