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  1. freddy

    Maradona Dies

    RIP Maradona. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8986821/Diego-Maradona-died-suffering-cardiac-arrest-according-reports.html
  2. freddy


    I just finished Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Pretty corny, but it had a couple of moments. Worth the free watch with my new iPhone purchase (1 year free Apple TV).
  3. freddy

    Conor goes breserk

    This is some crazy sh*t http://mmajunkie.com/2018/04/dana-white-artem-lobov-ufc-223-alex-caceres-canceled-conor-mcgregor-melee-mma-new-york-michael-chiesa
  4. freddy

    England U17s

    Did anyone catch some of the games? I watched the a few of the games and was very impressed with England overall. But then they won and a bunch of the players ran around crazy and took off their jerseys to expose some kind of new man-bra. wtf? I was surprised they didn't apply a little eye...
  5. freddy


    I loved to hate him in the day, but he was a classic and played on one of the most legendary teams of all times. They changed the game. RIP http://www.tsn.ca/former-oiler-semenko-passes-at-59-1.792155
  6. freddy

    McGregor vs. Mayweather

    I'd like to see McGregor get knocked down twice and then come back and knock Mayweather out, but that isn't going to happen. Conor will either win this in the first round due to a brawl and confusion, or he will get bapped in the head for a pile of rounds and lose.
  7. freddy

    Tiote Dead at 30

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2713745-former-newcastle-midfielder-cheick-tiote-dies-at-age-30?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Stunned. I loved watching him at Newcastle. RIP Cheik.
  8. freddy

    O-50 Seven-aside League for 2017

    If nothing else, I am persistent (but then again, there is now an O-45s league - not taking credit - refer to GC for that). Well, I am a bunch of other things, but with that aside, I want to find out if there is interest in an O-50s 7-aside league. This is played on a smaller field, with...
  9. freddy

    Holms vs Rousey

    Well, this was needed to create some competition in this previously one-sided category
  10. freddy

    14 year old Messi

    Some shitty camera work, but the dude has been collected his whole life
  11. freddy


    I am thinking there is a betting opportunity for the FIFA presidency vote coming up. http://www.foxsports.com/soccer/story/fifa-president-blatter-hits-back-at-figo-s-dictator-claims-052615 It seems like a sham vote, though. Blatter promises to keep waxing palms and preventing the truth of...
  12. freddy

    O45 - Grass Only 7 Aside League

    This thread to is meant to find out who is interested in a league for older guys with skill, played exclusively on grass, exclusively on weekends, in the months we want to play. More on this later. Well, this year in the O-40s league, the majority of our away games are on Turf. Without...
  13. freddy


    http://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/how-safe-artificial-turf-your-child-plays-n220166 I have hated turf since I first played on it because it is hard on the body and the ball bounces unlike how I have known a soccer ball to bounce. 2 ACL replacements later and a ruptured disc and I am...
  14. freddy

    George Fraud

    http://www.cheknews.ca/?bckey=AQ%7E%7E%2CAAAA4mHNTzE%7E%2CejlzBnGUUKY1gXVPwEwEepl35Y795rND&bclid=975107450001&bctid=3243270995001 Brutal. how does this keep happening every few years? You need separate people for receivables and definitely more than one signature for payables.
  15. freddy

    Trouble on the Lions Gate Bridge

    Final Destination 5 Bridge Collapse (1080p) - YouTube
  16. freddy

    What does it take a lifetime Douchebag to become a good guy?

    Once a cocksucer, always a cocksucker, right? Well, not anymore my friends. Sign up for the program that can turn you from the prick you are to the good friend you always wished you could be like. Just think, chicks will actually dig you. Your friends will regale stories of how excellent and...
  17. freddy

    O'40s Results and Banter

    I am not sure if any of the older folks here have got onto this computer thing. I typed up the first report, and tried to fax it into TTP, but couldn't figure out your fax number. This is the second year of the O'40s division, now topped up with 10 teams, up from 6 last year giving all teams a...
  18. freddy

    2012 Olympics Soccer

    Here's the men's schedule: NBC Olympics I predict . . . Group A: Uruguay, GBR Group B: Mexico, Korea Group C: Brazil, New Zealand Group D: Spain, Honduras Brazil to win it. Mexico the dark horse.
  19. freddy

    New Lingerie Football team

    Abbotsford gets Lingerie Football League team Naming this team would be a hole lot easier if they were out of Surrey. the Abbotsford Areolas?
  20. freddy

    73 killed, 1000 hurt

    73 killed, 1,000 injured in Egypt soccer pitch invasion holy shite